Grit Size to Micron Chart


You might be thinking to yourself what the terms grit, micron, and mesh might mean? These are all terms that are used to describe particle sizes. When buying a compound that states it’s 10 000 grit, it does not necessarily mean that all the contents inside are that particular size. The sizing depends on the way the manufacturer measures its product size. Some may use a no particle larger or average particle size when measuring grit. Ask the retailer or manufacturer if you want to know what specific method they used to measure the grit in their content.

Another unit of measurement is a micron. A micron unit is one 10-6 of a meter.

A mesh is measured by the number of evenly spaced holes on a screening panel, per square inch.

See the table below on how to convert grit into microns.

Grit Size to Micron Chart

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The table above shows the conversion from grit, micron and mesh. Some of the measurement units are not commonly found but they are still included for conversion purposes.

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