Liftmaster 8355 Review – WiFi Premium Series

Most of us are looking for an advanced, high-end garage door opener that supports Wi-Fi features. Usually, those models are reserved for homeowners who want to check the status and control their garage door opener from literally anywhere. If you are one of them, you need to consider Liftmaster 8355 Review and now you can read the full description of the model in question.

Liftmaster 8355 basics

The Liftmaster 8355 is a smart garage door opener, as you may know already. This means that the unit can be linked to a Wi-Fi network and a suitable app. Lift Master offers MyQ support for this very purpose. Thanks to all of these, you can control it from any part of the world using a smartphone or a tablet. It is so simple and so effective.

There is one more thing we liked about this particular unit. It is the MVIS system or Motor Vibration Isolation System. It makes the overall processes much quitter and can be used in garages that are directly located beneath the bedroom. In our tests, we had a great time specifically due to the feature in question. Other than that, we also liked Security 2.0 which is the most sophisticated at the moment and will remain in top place in the future as well.

Who will benefit the most from Liftmaster 8355?

The simplest answer we can give to you is all homeowners who will want a high-end garage door opener to control from anywhere in the world. Thanks to Wi-Fi capability all you have to do is to connect the unit and use a suitable app. You are done. Furthermore, you can check door status at any given moment and check for notifications or alerts.

The garage door opener in question is also suitable for those who seek a quiet model that will be installed on their garage door. This is possible thanks to the MVIS we mentioned earlier.

As you may believe the installation is a bit more complex. You can get it installed by a company who sells the garage door opener or you can install it all by yourself. In any way, you will get a fully operational garage door opener that is modern, appealing to use and a worthy investment. Generally, we will recommend homeowners to at least try and install a garage door opener without professional help. This isn’t the case now. The model we tested is complicated and doesn’t come with the needed rail so you will need to make that a secondary purchase. If you add time, effort and the overall complexity it is a much better alternative to simply hire a professional and get the job done within hours. The model isn’t very expensive and it is definitely a safer option to install it by trained personnel.

Main features of the Liftmaster 8355

This garage door opener is an advanced unit and as such comes with a lot of useful features and options that most of you will appreciate. There are a lot of systems that may be unknown to some of you and now we will explain each one.

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Motor Vibration Isolation System

The Liftmaster 8355 is basically a belt-drive garage door opener. This mechanism is very quiet and should be used on garage doors that are close to a bedroom. But, the MVIS is something that makes it even better. It is much quieter than similar models and therefore can be an ideal choice for all of you who want noiseless garage door operations. The system is paired with a high-end drive mechanism and known to last longer than the conventional model.

1/2HP AC motor

The electric motor is 1/2HP in power which makes it suitable for most garage doors. There are no compatibility issues we were able to find during the tests and we are generally pleased with the power and the belt-drive system. The warranty on the electric motor is excellent as you shall see later on. It is the latest model designed by Liftmaster and it can be seen on some of the most advanced models this brand has to offer.

Built-in Wi-Fi module

One of the main advantages this particular model has to offer is the built-in Wi-Fi module. What this means is that the garage door opener will connect to the Wi-Fi network automatically and without any wiring. This makes overall usage easier than ever before and you don’t have to waste the time on adding new wires, routers or anything similar. Also, you get notifications and full control faster because the signal travels from the garage door opener to the smartphone instantly, without having to travel through the router.

Super smartphone compatibility and functionality

With any smartphone, you can control the garage door opener to the smallest system. The first benefit is the ability to check the status of the system. Is your garage door closed or it was opened. Then you can allow for someone to open or close the garage door. Of course, the main advantage is the ability to open and close the garage door using your smartphone and nothing more.

Full MyQ compatibility

All the features we mentioned earlier will be possible with the help of an app called MyQ and it is superb. You can specify when the garage door will open or close and you can allow anyone to gain access. Useful if you have workers or personnel coming to your house. Then you can use additional apps that will maximize the functionality. They allow you to use voice controls to use geo-positioning and so much more. The matter cannot be generalized because it depends on each app.

Stunning Security 2.0+ and PosiLock

The model we tested is based on the latest technology so it comes with some safety features that are impressive. First one is the rolling code. What this means is that the garage door opener will send a new code every single time when you open or close the garage door. Then you have PosiLock and they prevent opening garage door by force when they are closed. There is also an invisible beam that detects obstacles and reverses the closing process making sure there are no injuries or damages to the system, people, pets and etc.

Price of the Liftmaster 8355

Liftmaster 8355 is a relatively affordable garage door opener that targets more demanding homeowners who want a smart unit. Of course, there are a lot of possibilities here. The first one is the place where you will purchase it. Some sellers offer two remote controllers while others offer just one. You can also get an outside keypad and a digital keypad. The smart features are possible if you have MyQ app and you connect it to the garage door opener. Then you are ready to start using the full power of Wi-Fi.

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Keep in mind that the installation isn’t included in the price. You can though find a seller who will install it the garage door opener if you purchase it from them and you can get a massive discount. In addition, you can get the best from both worlds and you can enjoy the stunning power and affordable price of the garage door opener we are reviewing right now. The professional installation is a more desirable option. The garage door opener has a lot of features and requires additional rail which isn’t included in the package. As such a professional installation is a safer option.

Some additions are more than just appealing. For instance, the unit doesn’t include a battery backup but it can be paired with one. You will need this feature if you live in an area where power issues are common. You also don’t get the timer option which will close the door after a specific period of time. On the other side, you can always use an app and control the door.

Shipping itself can be free depending on where you live. We should add that shipping is fast and you can get the garage door opener in question within days, once again, if you live within the United States or Canada. Shipping for other countries is slightly longer. We also know that the package will be well-protected and it comes with a user manual. However, online user manual you can download is much better. It offers more details and it is easier to understand. If you are planning on installing the garage door opener by yourself you will definitely need this user manual. On paper one, there are some issues which we didn’t understand and therefore the online manual is so much better.

What others have to say? Liftmaster 8355 Review by consumers.

In order to make our review more detailed and better, we consider what others have to say about each particular model. In this case scenario, the opinions are positive. The unit comes with superior quality and you can enjoy the highest level of attention to detail, strong build design and modern design. All of this should help you understand that the Liftmaster 8355 is an excellent choice according to those who already own it. Additionally, owners claim that the garage door opener is extremely quiet and suitable for all kinds of operations and for installation in a garage door which is located close to a bedroom.

Almost all owners claim that the garage door opener will stay functional and fully operational regardless of where you are in the world. The app computability is superb and probably at the highest level possible. We agree on that claim and we should add that thanks to the Wi-Fi module which is built-in to the unit, you get stunning capabilities.

Although installation is more complicated than we liked, a lot of owners were able to install the Liftmaster 8355 all by themselves. As we have mentioned already you will need an online user manual in order to complete the process. If you have knowledge about the installation you will probably complete the installation within one day. On the other hand, the Liftmaster 8355 is commonly paired with cheap installation many companies across the United States offer. If you are not certain about the installation, pick a safe option.

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There are some drawbacks as well. One of them is the wireless keypad which isn’t always included in the package. You will need to get one additionally which increases the cost of the overall ownership. The next drawback is the accidental opening of the garage door. This occurs sometimes and can be a massive issue for some of you. However, we didn’t notice any issues of this type on our tests and we believe that this is caused by accidentally pressing the button key inside the app.

Warranty of the Liftmaster 8355

Liftmaster 8355 comes with some of the best warranties of them all. There are a lot of benefits here. You are re positive that the unit will last as long as needed and you are free of any additional issues. The warranty is lifetime limited on the electric motor and the belt-drive system. The warranty on other parts is one year. This is an improvement compared to other models made and sold by some large brands. It is also one of the best Liftmaster warranties available at the moment. Don’t forget that the price is affordable which makes it a safe choice and a garage door opener you have to consider.

Downsides we detected

It is perfectly normal for a garage door opener to include a few downsides. In this case scenario, we are looking at the lack of keypad which isn’t always included in the package. On the other hand, you can find a seller that will include it and who will make sure you get the ultimate practicality of the garage door opener.

The next drawback is the lack of a battery backup. The system is compatible with this feature but you will have to get it added. Installation is relatively simple and there won’t be any complications. Don’t forget that you will need MyQ app to control the smart features of the garage door opener and to gain full access to the smart features.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Warranty is a lifetime on the electric motor and the belt-drive system
  • Strong construction and high level of attention to detail
  • Smart features are at the highest level possible
  • Excellent customer support that can be a massive positive side for all homeowners
  • Quiet operations regardless of the type and size of garage door


  • The battery backup isn’t included in the package
  • Some issues with the packaging are possible


What we thought of Liftmaster 8355

The Liftmaster 8355 is a very popular garage door opener due to a simple reason. It is strong, quiet and it is well-made. We liked the high attention to detail, strong construction and we also liked the stunning smart features. It is definitely designed and made for homeowners who want to use smart features and to enjoy the best possible warranty. All of this means that the Liftmaster 8355 gets 5 out of 5-star rating which is significantly high.