Liftmaster 8587 Elite Series Review

The Liftmaster 8587 Elite is another, special garage door opener available on the market right now. We say special, simply because there are a lot of unique and specific features this model has to offer. It is simply special and designed for homeowners who have a bit different requirements than most others. Here we will explain the main differences and all other facts you should know regarding this garage door opener.

Features and Product overview

There are a lot of impressive facts you should know regarding the Liftmaster 8587 Elite. One of the most appealing is that it can lift garage doors with a total weight of up to 600 pounds. This is possible due to the fact the unit is equipped with a high-end electric motor and a rail system which stands out from the crowd.

An electric motor is a P3 unit, with 3/4 HP, already known for impressive results and even better durability. According to the owners, P3 electric motors are some of the best units available in garage door openers available today. Not only you get reliability, but there is no maintenance and several performing advantages. In a nutshell, this is a professional electric motor which is ideal for the most demanding users.

What’s more, the unit we have here is equipped with a reinforced rail system, capable of lifting the garage doors we have mentioned. It can be paired with a single, or dual-door systems and it will run smoothly and perfectly.

We should add the fact this model uses a chain-drive system, but it is quieter than similar models, due to the reasons we will explain below.

The design of a unit is slightly better than you get from most, other models. We appreciated the overall looks, which is modern and suitable for high-end homes. Other components share the same passion, so the wall console, remotes and etc. also look great.

Compatibility with smart devices is on a high level as well. You can use this Liftmaster garage door opener for any purpose you may have in mind and it will work like a charm for many years. In simple words, the quality, design, and capabilities can be compared to garage door openers from a higher price range.

Product Advantages

As you would expect, there are a lot of advantages this model has to offer. The first one already has been mentioned the maximum weight of the garage door it can lift. It is impressive as a matter of fact. But, there are a lot of additional advantages we will have to reveal.

  • Motor Vibration Isolation System
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The system is well-known, but also a very desirable. It has been implemented in order to provide smooth operations at all times. Furthermore, the system is known for improving reliability and making the garage door opener run properly for a longer period of time.

  • Super-quiet

All chain-drive garage door openers are a not louder than belt-drive alternatives. But, this one here is surprisingly quieter than most models which also feature a chain-drive system. One of the reasons is the system we have just mentioned, but there are additional reasons such as designing features and etc.

  • P3 electric motor

The electric motor built-in this model is more than just sophisticated. As a matter of fact, it is one of the superior models, suitable for the most demanding operations. It is reliable and eco-friendly as well. In addition, P3 electric motors are highly appreciated in the world of garage door openers.

  • Above the average lighting

It isn’t difficult to find a garage door opener which has decent lighting feature, but there are no many models which are ideal for this matter. Well, the one we have here is. The lighting is faster and brighter than most similar models offer at the moment. As such, this is an advantage.

  • Wi-Fi capable

The full set of Wi-Fi compatibility is something worthy of mention. There are countless possibilities and advantages this feature has to offer, so you are definitely going to appreciate it. Obviously, the MyQ compatibility is supported.

  • Supports garage doors of 14 feet

You have a massive, 14 feet garage door? It may be difficult to find a garage door opener which will be compatible. The Liftmaster 8587 Elite can be used for 14×14 feet garage door without any additional requirements.

  • Easy to use

A garage door opener with all the features we have mentioned may look like complicated to use, but it isn’t. As a matter of fact, this model is one of the easiest units we have tested. An average homeowner will need a couple of minutes to understand all the features and all the possibilities the model has to offer. Even the app is well-designed and interesting to use.

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Here we must say that if you are looking for an excellent garage door opener, with a full set of advantages and features, this model may be the best choice for the money. It certainly is a great value for money.

Product Critique

There is no such thing as perfection, especially not in the world of garage door openers. There are always an issue or two which can be found. The Liftmaster 8587 Elite is no different. Although it is a highly desirable unit at the moment, we were able to find two issues with it.

The first problem is the fact there is no chain rail included in the package. Yes, there are a lot of different types, so in this way, you can get the one which is just perfect for you, but it is still an additional expense. Keep in mind that this isn’t the most affordable garage door opener at the moment, so any additional expense is an issue.

The second issue we were able to discover is related to the installation process. All LiftMaster models are designed to be fitted by professionals, therefore this may be an issue for some of you. We will discuss this issue further below.

In general, the model in question is decent and both of these issues are not severe nor game changers. They may be annoying for some potential users though.

Safety and Security

Here we have good news only. The garage door opener is sophisticated, meaning that it comes with most safety features you are going to need. Should we even say that the Security+ 2.0 system, which uses a new code each time you open or close door is implemented. It is one of the safest systems of this kind, available at the moment.

Posi Lock is available as well, ensuring that the garage door will stay closed all the time. This system also eliminates the risk of the forced door opening.

Timer-to-Close feature is ideal for those who may wonder have they closed their garage doors. The system will automatically close the door after a specified amount of time, therefore eliminate the risk of leaving your door open.

Alert-2-Close notifies the people when the door is going to be closed. There are audio and visual signals which are more than just desirable. This system is activated each time you use MyQ feature.

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Motion Detector and protector systems are implemented in order to illuminate the garage, scan for obstacles and stop door closing. Each time an object or a person is detected beneath the closing door, the system will reverse the door closing process.

Installation and Programing

As we have mentioned earlier, this system isn’t ideal for those who want to install it all by themselves. It is complicated and there are a lot of elements, so unless you are a professional regarding garage door openers, you should hire a professional. You still get instructions and user manual, but they are not sufficient for this type of installation. Here is the link for the Liftmaster 8587 installation manual.

Programming, on the other hand, is a bit more complicated than other models have to offer but it can be managed by most, average users. Keep in mind that you can find additional information on the official website and some tips and tricks from the owners. In addition, if you already used garage door openers made by this brand, programming will be much easier.

Warranty and Support

Warranty is decent, but not perfect as well. As you may already know, the warranty for the electric motor is a lifetime, so you get the best one, period. On the other hand, we have a 5-year warranty for all other parts, which is far from good. A good thing here is the fact the Liftmaster 8587 Elite comes with high-quality components, so they will last for a longer period of time than the warranty is valid.

Support is one of the best we have an encounter. You can contact them at any given moment, they respond fast and they are helpful, so no time wasting here.


The Liftmaster 8587 Elite is a great value for money simply because you will get one of the best electric motors, with superb weight load capacity. Also, you get a garage door opener with the latest features, all of which are needed today. At the end, we can only say that this model is highly desirable for those who have a massive garage door, but still want a sophisticated garage door opener. Read our big buyers guide to see best kind of garage door opener for you.