Increasingly it has become more difficult to find everything you need to know about and choose a garage door opener. As the market is moving forward with new inventions and models, the complexity of the products also increases.

As the garage door openers become smarter and smarter new features like battery backup, automatic connections to a home system, various timers for automatic door closing provide higher comfort levels and usability.

Some core characteristics, such as durability, low maintenance requirements, and low noise levels are most valuable when choosing a garage door opener.

The set it and forget it case scenario is the best possible outcome of your purchasing decision. When ranking garage door openers, we considered overall quality, safety features, durability, power, and connectivity technologies available.

24 Top Garage Door Openers Reviews

Here is a comparison table which shows how the first 6 garage door openers compare one to another:

Chamberlain Wd832Kev Garage Door Opener, ½ Hp, Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive Operation, Myq Smartphone...
Product Name
Chamberlain Wd832Kev Garage Door Opener, ½ Hp, Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive Operation, Myq Smartphone...
Prime Availability
Price not available
Product Rating
Chamberlain Wd832Kev Garage Door Opener, ½ Hp, Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive Operation, Myq Smartphone...
Product Name
Chamberlain Wd832Kev Garage Door Opener, ½ Hp, Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive Operation, Myq Smartphone...
Prime Availability
Price not available
Product Rating

1. Chamberlain Premium Whisper Drive WD962KEV

This high-end garage door opener clearly stands out from the rest by one thing- it is ultra quiet, hence the name “Whisper.” Smooth start and stop are guaranteed by a 3/4 HPS DC belt drive system combined with Motor Vibration Isolation, that will reduce the noise to a minimum. The system is not only quiet but durable too, steel-reinforced. Premium Whisper has a backup battery, which will allow it to operate even during a power outage, which does not only make it convenient but ultra-safe too. Safety sensors will stop the door from closing if anything breaks the invisible beam.

A motion-detecting control panel will allow you to program remote controls, keypads, and lightning (you can connect the system to MyQ lighting accessories in your house, allowing it to turn them on automatically). You will also get two, simple to use remote controllers and a wireless keypad. Also, you can set up the door to close automatically, in case you forget, after 1.5 or 10 minutes. Lastly, you can control your garage door from anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet and MyQ smartphone app installed on your device.

  • Pros:
    • Ultra-quiet- enhanced motor and belt system
    • Backup battery- the system works even when the power fails
    • Safety sensors- will stop the door from closing immediately if something gets underneath
    • Different control options- motion detection/wireless keypad/ two remotes/ Mobile App
  • Cons:
    • The Internet Gateway is sold separately
  • Bottom line- Chamberlain Premium Whisper Drive WD962KEV is a solid choice. A quiet, reliable, and safe garage door system that will not let you down even if the power fails.

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2. Chamberlain Ultra Quiet WD832KEV

If you want an ultra-strong, but still quiet garage door opener that has a good value for the invested money, Then Chamberlain Ultra Quiet WD832KEV is the solution for you.

½ HP steel reinforced belt, drive powers the system. Motor Vibration isolation is responsible for the ultra-quiet work, making this garage door opener ideal if you have a room just above your garage. The system is not complicated, and the rails are installed quickly- assembles in 60 seconds.

This garage door is not only ultra-quiet but ultra-safe too- it has rapid-snap brackets that emit an invisible beam. It the beam gets interrupted, the door closing is stopped and is reversed instantaneously.

It also has a handy timer that will automatically close the door even if you forget, after one, five, or ten minutes.

With it, you will also get two simple, three-button remote controls, keyless entry keypad, and a wall control panel with motion detection. This garage door opener can be controlled by a smartphone app (MyQ enabled), but if you want to use this function, you have to buy the Internet Gateway separately. You can even link your app with lights and house lamps, turning on everything in one click.

  • Pros:
    • Strong, but quiet ½ HP belt
    • Safety sensors
    • Smartphone app/remote control/keypad control options
  • Cons:
    • No backup battery
    • The Internet Gateway is sold separately
  • Bottom line: Chamberlain Ultra Quiet WD832KEV provides an exceptional value for money. You will get a strong, but safe garage door opener, built to last. It even has some advanced functions, reserved only for premium models.

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3. LiftMaster 8550W Elite Series

This LiftMaster garage door opener has a strong, but super quiet belt mechanism. Compared to a chain, belt systems are much quieter, and better suited if your garage is just below a room. You won’t wake up the whole house if you arrive late. P3 motor installed in this opener is not only quiet but very durable and reliable.

The system is also super-secure. With every use, a new code is sent to the opener, which will ensure it never gets open unintentionally. Furthermore, if somebody tries to open the door by force, it will lock itself automatically, preventing unauthorized entry. You can also purchase automatic garage door locks, which will deadbolt lock the door, making it impenetrable. And you don’t have to worry about forgetting to close the door- you can program the door opener to do it for you. LiftMaster 8550W Elite has an alarm too- it will only sound when the door starts to close automatically, or if you close it remotely, using the mobile app. And if something does get below the closing door, sensors will reverse the process, stopping the door immediately. Also, this garage opener has a backup battery, meaning it will work even when the power breaks.

  • Pros:
    • The strong but quiet belt system
    • Advanced security features
    • Controllable by a smartphone, MyQ app
  • Cons:
    • You have to purchase the rail separately
  • Bottom line: LiftMaster 8550W offers a good value for money, but unfortunately, it does not come with a rail, you will have to purchase it separately, which will add extra cost.

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4. Craftsman 3/4 hp Quiet Belt Drive 54918

If you have a massive, especially wooden garage door, Craftsman 3/4 hp Quiet Belt Drive 54918 is the garage door opener for you. With ¾ HP, this opener is guaranteed to last, even if your door is massive.

A Strong engine usually means more noise, but with this Craftsman opener, the opposite is true. Quiet Belt Drive has low sound and vibration output, making this opener an excellent option even if your bedroom is just above, or next to your garage. And also, if your garage does not have heavy doors, getting a sturdy opener is smart- with added strength, it will wear down harder, extending its lifespan.

The cool thing about this particular opener is its tri-frequency radio. Many household appliances use the same frequency range- microwave, Bluetooth devices, remote controllers. Having three frequencies will minimize interference, increasing the reliability and range of your garage door opener.

This garage door opener has excellent safety features. It has sensors, and if something gets under the door while closing, Rapid-Snap will interrupt and reverse the process. Also, the door is automatically locked when it is down, preventing theft. And each time you use your remote control, a new code is sent to the system. Also, the motion-detecting control panel will turn the lights on automatically. And you can control them from anywhere, using the mobile app. Furthermore, you can set up a timer to close the door automatically if you forget. A backup battery is also in place, and this garage door will provide up to 20 open/close cycles, even when the power is down.

  • Pros:
      • Easy installation
      • Reliable and quiet, ¾ HP belt drive


    • Tri-frequency
    • Advanced security
  • Cons:
    • Pricey

Bottom line: Craftsman 3/4 hp Quiet Belt Drive 54918 is not cheap, but if you can afford it, you should definitely go for this opener. It is reliable, powerful, with advanced features, and will keep your garage and your home safe.

5. Craftsman ½ HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

Chain drive garage door openers are around for a long time. These “old school” systems have many strengths, but their main one is durability. You can go wrong with metal chains, and they will outlast any belt if maintained correctly. They are also much more affordable. The main flaw is the noise.

This garage door opener comes from Craftsman, a company well-known in the door opener industry. It has ½ HP, which is not a lot, but it will be enough to open/close doors up to 7’ high.

Although a budget model, this garage door offers some advanced features that can only be found in other models that are several times more expensive. These include a tri-band frequency radio that will ensure maximal range, without interfering with other wireless devices. It also has superior coding, meant for preventing burglary- codes are replaced every time you use your remote control. The doors lock automatically when they are down too, and the system has invisible sensors that will stop the closing process if something gets underneath the closing door. You can control your garage door via two remote controls, wireless keypad, or through a mobile app (with few additional purchases). The system is pretty straightforward, and you will have no trouble mounting it.

  • Pros:
    • Affordable
    • Good security
    • Easy to install
  • Cons:
    • Chain system- much louder than belts
    • No backup battery
  • Bottom line: Craftsman ½ HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener is a good pick if you are on a tight budget. It is not the quietest system, but it will get the job done, powering most doors for a long time.

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6. Chamberlain PD762EV

If you have a heavy garage door and need a powerful opener, Chamberlain PD762EV is the right option for you. With ¾ horsepower motor, this garage door opener can open any door, even the heaviest, wooden ones. It has a rugged, industrial-strength chain drive, built to last a lifetime. Auto force detection and electronic limits are there to make it last even longer, and to enhance performance.

Like many other Chamberlain models, this garage door opener has excellent security. IR sensors are in place, sending invisible beam under the door- if it gets interrupted while the doors are closing down, it will automatically and instantly reverse the process, preventing damage or injuries. The door opener also delivers 200 watts of light.

You can control it with two remotes (they have a tri-band freq, for extended range), motion-detecting wall control panel (that also turns on the light), or from your smartphone if you buy the gateway. It can also be controlled from most newer vehicles, as it’s HomeLink compatible. Unfortunately, if your car is older, you will probably have to buy a compatibility bridge.

  • Pros:
    • Strong motor, ¾ HP
    • Rugged, Industrial-grade chain drive
    • IR sensors, 200 watts light
  • Cons:
    • Lacking some security options- backup battery, wireless keypad,
    • You have to purchase additional devices if you want some advanced features
  • Bottom line: If your garage has a heavy door, and you need a rugged opener to handle them, Chamberlain PD762EV will work. It is one of the most reliable systems out there, and it’s ¾ HP chain drive dependable and will last a while. It has its flaws, but for the money, it offers an excellent value.

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7. SOMMER Direct Drive 1042V001 3/4 HP

If absolute silence is the number one criteria your garage door opener needs to pass, try

SOMMER Direct Drive 1042V001 3/4 HP. It is designed to produce virtually no vibrations. This is claimed to be the quietest garage door opener currently on the market.

The key behind its quietness is its unique mechanism- unlike traditional bolt/chain door openers, with lots of moving parts, Sommer Direct Drive has a traveling motor, and that is the only moving part. It silently glides along the steel rail. And since it is on the door when it starts the opening, it minimizes the needed force to break the inertia, causing less wear and tear, and maximizing lifting power. This allowed Sommer to promise a lifetime warranty on the entire garage door opener. And with ¾ hp, it will open any door, 7 to 8 feet high.

This garage door opener is cycle tested up to 100 000 times by independent institutes. It is made in Germany.

Secure Rolling Code Technology, 310 Mhz, will protect your garage from unauthorized entry. Sommer has replaced the fastening bolt with a pressure plate to make the system better. IR sensors are in place, to stop the door from closing if something gets underneath.

You can control the opener with two, two-button remotes, or with an interior wall station. The system is HomeLink compatible.

  • Pros:
    • Innovative design- traveling motor
    • Strong motor
    • Quietest model on the market
    • Lifetime warranty
  • Cons:
    • Lacking some features – no motion-detection lights, keyless entry pad, or smartphone controls
  • Bottom line: SOMMER Direct Drive 1042V001 3/4 HP is a high-end product. Germans showed how you should make a garage door opener- the unique, innovative traveling motor design makes no noise or vibrations and is strong enough to lift almost any door. It is independently tested, and Sommer gives a lifetime warranty on all parts, which is rare. An excellent buy, in our opinion.

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8. Chamberlain PD612EV Power Drive

Another great garage door opener from Chamberlain, PD612EV Power Drive is a chain system designed to provide a reliable and long lasting service. It has a ½ horsepower motor, which is not a lot, but it should be sufficient for most regular garage doors.

For a chain drive opener, this one is pretty quiet. And, like all Chamberlain openers, it has a deep back of tricks. First, there’s automatic, motion-detecting 200 W light that will turn on as soon as you enter the garage. Also, it has patented security plus a rolling code system, which changes the codes every time you use the opener, enhancing safety. Multi-frequency transmitters will give you more range, with less interference. You can control the door with two remote controls, wireless keyless entry system, by HomeLink (you may need to buy a Bridge), or with your mobile device (Internet Gateway sold separately). This is a safe garage door opener since it has IR sensors that will stop the door from closing if something breaks the beam.

The whole system is straightforward to install- it only has 5 pieces. It is designed for 7 feet high garage doors, but you can also buy rail extensions for bigger ones.

  • Pros:
    • Quiet for a chain garage door opener
    • Easy to install
    • Different control options
  • Cons:
    • Only ½ HP
    • No backup battery
    • You need to invest more, to unlock some features
  • Bottom line: The Chamberlain PD612EV Power Drive is a safe choice if you are on a tight budget. It is a chain system, but it’s really quiet and offers some excellent features. But, if you have a massive garage door, better get something more powerful, it’s motor has only ½ HP.

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9. Genie QuietLift 800

As its name suggests, Genie QuietLift 800 is almost silent. If you have a garage that is next to, or below bedrooms, this opener if for you. This dual pinion gear belt drive produces almost no sound and vibrations. It is reliable and built to last.

Although it has only ½ HP, this opener will handle doors that are up to 500 pounds heavy, and 7 feet in height. ½ HP is not a lot, not for you if you have a large wooden garage door. But in most cases, it should be enough.

Safe T-Beam meets all the safety standards. If something gets under the door, the closing will not only immediately stop, but it will reverse, preventing any accidents. The system uses rolling codes, preventing eavesdropping. This opener meets the highest standards and is the USA made.

You can control your garage door with two, three-button remotes, a wireless keypad, or with a wall console. And unlike many other garage door openers, you can use Genie QuietLift 800 with any HomeLink and Car2U system, not just those mounted on the newest cars.

You can also install two light bulbs to illuminate your garage. The system is lightweight and easy to mount and program

  • Pros:
    • Belt drive, quiet garage door opener
    • The USA made
    • Good control options
    • Compatible with all HomeLink and Car2U systems
  • Cons:
    • ½ HP- not enough for the biggest doors
    • No backup battery

Bottom line: Genie QuietLift 800 provides excellent value. Yes, ½ HP engine could be better, but this opener gives you a lot for the price. It is the USA made, meets the highest standards, is remarkably quiet, and has a lot of control options. Worth considering.

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10. Genie ChainLift 800

This commercial-grade chain drive operated garage door opener from Genie has ½ HP+. This is not a lot of power, but it should have no problems with doors up to 7 feet high, and 500 pounds heavy.

Chain systems are usually more reliable and rugged than belt systems and last for longer. But they produce more noise. However, ChainLift 800 has a motor that has a smooth start and stops, minimizing vibration and noise. This is a dual pinion gear chain drive system meaning it is more reliable and has a longer lifespan.

Genie ChainLift 800 has excellent safety features- the safe-T-beam system emits an invisible beam. If the laser gets interrupted while the door is closing, it will immediately break, and reverse the operation. This technology meets all UL, state, federal, and CSA regulations, like the whole garage door opener, which is the USA made.  Intellicode rolling code technology ensures no trespassers get into your garage, by changing the code every time you use it. Also, you can install two 60- Watt bulbs in it to provide light.

You can control it via two remotes, or multi-function wall console. It is also compatible with all HomeLink and Car2U systems- even older ones.

The whole system is lightweight and super easy to mount and program, and you will have zero problems doing it yourself.

  • Pros:
    • Easy to install and program
    • Reliable chain system
    • Good safety
  • Cons:
    • No backup battery
    • No mobile device support
    • No keyless entry pad
  • Bottom line: At the price, Genie ChainLift 800 offers excellent value. It could certainly use a bit more extras, but this is a reliable garage door opener that will not let you down. It is easy to install and is surprisingly quiet for a chain drive opener.

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11. Chamberlain PD512 ½ HP Durable Chain Drive

Although it only has ½ HP, this Chamberlain garage door opener has a rugged, industrial-grade chain drive. If you are searching for durability PD512 is the right option for you.

Like many other Chamberlain garage door openers, this one is filled with features. Auto-force and Electronic limits will ensure it lasts longer. Safety sensors will make sure nothing gets trapped under the closing door. Security rolling code technology will stop trespassers, as it changes the code every time you use the door, so no eavesdropping. It has a single, 100-watt light that will illuminate the garage just enough.

You can control the system by using two, one-button remotes, a wall control panel, or HomeLink. However, for some car makes and models, you will have to purchase a bridge for HomeLink to work. The remotes use a tri-band frequency, that is immune to interference, and provides a maximum range. Unfortunately, it has no keyless entry pad or smartphone support. It also does not have a backup battery.

This garage door opener is quite straightforward to set up- it only has five pieces. It fits garage doors up to 7 feet high, but you can purchase extensions that will fit 8 or 10 feet doors.

  • Pros:
    • Industrial-grade chain drive
    • Safety sensors, security rolling code
    • Easy to set up and use
  • Cons:
    • Only ½ HP
    • No backup battery
    • No keyless entry pad and backup battery
  • Bottom line: For a budget model Chamberlain PD512 is an excellent choice. Its main strength is its rugged chain drive, which will last a lifetime. It has attractive safety features too and is remarkably easy to install. It lacks some advanced features, but for this price, it is a great garage opener.

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12. 8500 LiftMaster 2-Pack

This state-of-the-art garage door opener is unique because it has no hanging rails. Instead, it is mounted on the wall- it’s a side mount opener. It has a powerful 24V DC motor, that is almost entirely silent. And besides, since it is not mounted on the garage ceiling, you don’t have to worry about vibrations in the room above. And not all ceilings are suitable for garage door opener rails in the first place.

LiftMaster 8500 has many advanced security features. These include the Security+2.0 system, which changes the codes with every click, preventing break-ins. A backup battery can also be installed- that way, your garage door will still function, even if the power supply breaks. The motion detector will activate the 200 watts of light, as soon as you enter the garage. A Power Lock Deadbolt will ensure your garage stays shut. And of course, the Protection System is in place- it projects an invisible light beam across the garage door opening. If the laser breaks, the door will immediately stop closing. The same will happen if something gets under the door.

The system has MyQ control panel, and is MyQ smartphone app ready- you only need to connect it to an Internet gateway, which you have to buy separately. It is also compatible with HomeLink.

  • Pros:
    • Top-quality garage door opener
    • Wall, side-mount, so no ceiling rails
    • Quiet, no vibrations
    • Excellent security features
  • Cons:
    • Expensive, and requires more spending to unlock all features

Bottom line: 8500 LiftMaster is a premium garage door opener, and the price tag shows it. For the money, you will get a lot- a reliable opener that is ultra-quiet and safe. But, for the price, we would like to see more extras included. Nevertheless, this is a fantastic opener.

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13. Chamberlain WD1000WF 1-1/4 HPS Wi-Fi

If you have a massive garage door, regular openers will not work, you will need something more powerful. Enter Chamberlain WD1000WF. This garage door opener has 1-1/4 HP, and it will effortlessly open/close even the most massive doors. Not only that the motor is powerful, but the Whisper Drive technology will minimize the noise and vibration, making this opener a good fit even if your bedroom is just above it.

And you don’t have to worry about buying a separate Internet gateway either- WD1000WF has WiFi built into it. You only need to connect it to your home network. Just make sure your WiFi signal reaches the garage. No additional hardware required. You can control this garage opener using the MyQ app from your smartphone. And when you do, it will sound an alarm, and flashlights, to warn everyone who is near.

Battery backup is also in place. Your garage will remain functional even during the power outage for up to three days. As mentioned, this garage door opener has lights, and this combined with motion detecting means your garage will get illuminated as soon as you enter it.

For controls, you can use the above mentioned MyQ smartphone app, two three-button remotes, a wireless keypad, HomeLink, and an LCD wall control (that also displays additional information, like temperature).

  • Pros:
    • Strong and quiet motor
    • WiFi included
    • Different control options
    • Excellent security features
  • Cons:
    • May need HomeLink bridge for some vehicles
    • Not the cheapest system
  • Bottom line: Although pricey, this high-end garage door opener is worth the money. The convenience of a built-in WiFi is something that makes it stand out from the rest. It also has a powerful motor that will lift any door with ease. Furthermore, it has excellent security features and a backup battery. If you have the money, consider Chamberlain WD1000WF, you will be far from a disappointment.

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14. Genie SilentMax 1200

This Genie garage door opener is an ideal solution for people who have bedrooms just above their garage. Its name, SilentMax 1200, is self-explanatory- this opener is designed to emit minimum noise and vibrations, and will not wake up the whole house when used. ¾ HP Power Plus DC motor can handle most doors, even heavy, wooden ones. The engine has a soft start and stop control, for smooth operation. And the belt drive is reinforced with steel, guaranteeing longevity.

The system has a smart monitoring GenieSense technology that watches every phase of the door movement, adjusting accordingly. Also, Safe-T-Beam sensors prevent accidents by stopping and reversing the door if something gets under them while closing. And no need to worry about unauthorized entry- Genie SilentMax 1200 has Intellicode Security technology that changes the codes, preventing pirated entry. You can also put two 100 w bulbs into the opener. And built-in motion detection will turn the lights on automatically, saving you trouble.

The whole system is lightweight, which means it produces fewer vibrations, and it is far easier to mount. And this is not one of those slow garage door openers that take forever- Genie increased the opening speed significantly, but it is still safe. And with many other Genie openers, this one comes with a lifetime warranty too.

SilentMax 1200 is controlled by two remote controls, a wireless keypad, or by a multi-function console. Unfortunately, smartphone control is not supported.

  • Pros:
    • Quiet and robust, ¾ HPC Power Plus DC motor
    • Excellent safety
  • Fast operating
  • Cons:
    • No smartphone controls
    • No backup battery

Bottom line: This is another high-end garage door opener from Genie, and a great one too. SilentMax 1200 has everything you need- it is fast, powerful, but quiet, with excellent safety features, and different control options. We would like a backup battery and smartphone controls, but even without that, this is a superb garage door opener, and we recommend it.

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15. Genie ChainMax 1000

Chain drive systems are known for their reliability, and Genie ChainMax 1000 is no exception. You can expect it to last a lifetime, with zero maintenance. But, unlike most chain drive garage door openers, this one is not loud. The motor of this opener is strong- 3/4 HPc will be enough for almost any door, up to 7 feet high. It has a soft stop/start ensuring smooth door travel, and control, and nearly no vibrations. Genie gives a lifetime warranty on all motors they produce. Low profile, c-channel rail is reinforced, protecting the system against dirt, dust, and debris, without maintenance. It is also good for low-headroom applications.

As other Genie garage door openers, ChainMax 1000 has excellent safety and security. GenieSense technology monitors the door, ensuring the optimal force is applied to every use (adjusting for temperature changes and similar), making the system last even longer. Safe-T-Beam is an invisible ray of light that prevents accidents – if it gets broken, it stops and reverses the closing process. Intelicode security technology prevents unauthorized entry by continually changing access codes, after every use.

It has different control options, including two three-button, pre-programmed remotes, a wireless keyless keypad, multi-function wall console, and HomeLink and Car2U full compatibility. SmartSet programming lets you set up everything with just a push of a button.

  • Pros:
    • Strong engine, ¾ HPC
    • Good security and features
    • Easy to setup
    • HomeLink and Car2U support
  • Cons:
    • No backup battery
    • No smartphone support

Bottom line: Genie ChainMax 1000 provides excellent value, especially considering its price range. You will get a reliable and robust chain drive garage door opener that is pretty quiet. It has useful features and security and different control options. We would like it more if it had a backup battery, and those modern, smartphone controls, but for this price, you could not ask for more.

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16. Chamberlain PD510

Being on a tight budget does not mean you can’t afford a decent garage door opener- Chamberlain PD510 will give everything you need- durability, useful features, and a ½ HP motor with a rugged, industrial-grade chain drive, that will carry all but the heaviest doors.

Chamberlain did not save on safety and security- this garage door opener has almost all of the features you can find on their premium models. These include safety sensors that will stop the door from closing if something gets under. Also, a patented rolling code makes sure nobody gets into your garage unauthorized. Posi-lock anti-theft will make the door unbreakable. It also has 100 w light that will illuminate the garage, no motion-detection though.

This budget-friendly model has decent connectivity options too. You will get a remote controller (has a tri-band frequency, for extended range), and a wall control panel. Also, you can control it with a HomeLink from your vehicle, but for some models, you will need to buy a separate bridge.

The whole system is installed very quickly- it has only five pieces and one-touch adjustments with auto force control.

  • Pros:
    • Budget-friendly
    • Durable chain drive
    • Excellent security
  • Cons:
    • ½ HP is only good enough for small to medium-sized doors
    • No backup battery
    • Limited control options

Bottom line: Chamberlain PD510 is a budget model, but for the price, it offers a lot. Excellent security, useful features, and a reliable, industrial-level chain drive. Yes, the motor could be more robust, but you will hardly find a better garage door opener in the budget price range.

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17. GENIE 37281V Garage Door Opener with 3/4+ HPc DC Chain

If you have a deeper pocket and are looking for a premium solution for your heavy garage door, GENIE 37281V is worth considering. This is a strong garage door opener, with a ¾+ HPc DC chain drive. It will be open/close even heavy wooden doors, up to seven foot tall, and will last a lifetime. Chain drive system is reinforced, made to be durable. Unlike many chain garage door openers, this one is not loud. Lightweight DC motor minimizes vibrations and is also easier to install, and starts and stops softly. One touch limit setting means significantly speeds up the installation process.

Like all Genie models, 37281V has excellent safety and security features. Safe-T-Beam sensors are in place and will stop the closing door if something gets under them. This system is certified and meets every UL, state, federal, and CSA regulation. Also, Intellicode technology is in place, designed to prevent any trespassing by changing the access code every time you press a button. GenieSense Monitoring technology will carefully follow the door movement, making the correct adjustments. This will ensure doors remain fully closed even if the temperature changes, and will increase the opener’s lifespan by applying the optimal force every single time. It will also instantly stop any operation if something unpredictable happens.

You can control it via two remotes, a keyless entry pad or a wall control panel.

  • Pros:
    • Superb quality
    • Quiet, and reliable chain-drive opener
    • Excellent safety features
  • Cons:
    • Price

Bottom line: this is a top of the line product, and built with superb quality, to last a lifetime. But, although we can’t say anything against it, we can’t help but feel that the GENIE 37281V garage door opener should provide more for the price you pay.

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18. Decko 24300

This heavy-duty, chain drive operated garage door opener has a ¾ HP DC motor, reliable and capable of maneuvering with ease even the heaviest doors. But, the motor of Decko 24300 is made to be quiet, and will not wake up the whole house when used. The engine has a lifetime warranty. The system is tested and proven to work even in the harshest conditions- both extreme heat and cold. Every Decko garage door opener passes a 20 point quality inspection.

The whole system is pretty straightforward and easy to use- to adjust the travel limitations and force; you just need to push a button. This system can open doors up to 7 feet tall and 18 feet wide, with extenders for 8 feet door.

This is a safe garage door opener, as it has an automatic reverse system- if the sensors detect something under the closing door, it will stop and reverse the process immediately. Automatic lighting will make things easier for you.

You can control this system with two three-button remote controls, a three-function control panel, or a wireless keyless entry pad. It is also HomeLink compatible

    • Strong, durable, ¾ HP chain drive opener
    • Good safety features
    • Good control options
  • Cons:
    • No backup battery
    • No automatic close timer

Bottom line: Decko 24300 is a high-end garage door opener. Quality built, this robust ¾ HP system will not let you down. It has useful features and control options, and although it lacks some smart features, we think it is one of the best openers in this price range.

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19. SOMMER 1052V000 Direct Drive 1.0 hp Quiet

Sommer is a German company that makes unique garage door openers, with a lifetime warranty on the whole product. Their approach is different; only one part is moving- the motor itself. It glides smoothly and silently along the steel rail, producing virtually zero vibrations. Smooth operation with soft start and stop also improves performance. And because the motor is located at the door, it maximizes the power. And speaking about it, SOMMER 1052V000 has a premium, heavy-duty 1.0 HP motor, which makes it a powerful opener, capable of opening even the most massive doors.

This garage door opener has sensors that reverse the door automatically if something gets under the beam while closing. Also, if an object does get under the door unnoticed, the door will stop as soon as it makes contact with it, preventing damage and injuries. Secure rolling code technology, operating on a 310 MHz frequency, will keep you safe.

You can control it with two, two-button wireless button remotes, and an interior wall station. The system is also HomeLink compatible.

  • Pros:
    • Innovative design; traveling motor 1.0 HP
    • Ultra-quiet, zero vibrations
    • Good security functions
  • Cons:
    • No backup battery
    • No smartphone control

Bottom line: SOMMER 1052V000 is a high-end garage door opener, with a unique mechanism. Sliding motor is an excellent option for people who want an ultra-quiet opener. It has good security options and is quite durable. It has a few flaws, but overall, this is an excellent system, well worth the money.

20. Decko 24503 3/4 HP Heavy Duty

Decko is a small company, but they make fantastic garage door openers, and their 24503 is no exception. This heavy-duty chain drive opener has a motor with ¾ HP, that is capable of pulling even the heaviest doors. Usually, chain drive systems are quite loud, but not this one. This is a rugged system, durable and made to last. It is designed for seven feet doors, but an eight-foot extension is also available.

Also, you will appreciate how easy it is to install- non-polarized wiring will keep things ultra simple. And everything is adjusted with a button push, including force and travel limits.

The system is safe and has auto-reverse sensors. If something breaks the invisible light beam while the door is closing, it will stop immediately, and start opening again. The whole system is tested and passed a 20 point quality inspection.

To control it, you have different options- two, three-button remote controls, a three-function wall control panel, and a keyless keypad opener. Decko 24503 is also HomeLink compatible.

  • Pros:
    • Rugged, chain drive opener
    • Lots of features
    • Good safety
  • Cons:
    • No backup battery
    • Lacking smart functions
  • Bottom line: Decko 24503 is a top of the line garage door opener. It has a durable chain drive and will last a lifetime. It has has a strong motor, capable of pulling heavy doors, and good security features. It lacks some advanced “smart” technologies, but you probably don’t need all of them. All the necessary things are present and made with top quality.

21. Liftmaster 8587 Elite Series

Liftmaster is an established manufacturer of garage door openers, and 8587 Elite is one of their most distinctive models.

A ¾ HP AC chain drive system, with a P3 motor, is reliable, durable, and very powerful. It has enough muscle to operate even with the most massive doors. But it is also very quiet for a chain drive system- Motor Vibration Isolation minimizes the noise and vibration, making it a viable option even if you have a bedroom nearby. This is an energy-efficient device that consumes 75% less power when in the sleep mode.

This door opener supports smart technologies and can be controlled from your smartphone, using the MyQ app, but you will need to purchase an Internet gateway separately. From the app, you can open/close the door remotely, or control the lights. To make everything safe, Liftmaster installed an audio/visual alarm- when the door is about to start closing, it will sound itself and start flashing, warn people in the garage. But, if something does get under the closing door, the IR sensor is in place to prevent accidents. As soon as the invisible beam gets broken, doors get reversed.

You can control this system via the above mentioned MyQ app, a remote control, and a mountable keypad. However, to mount it, you will need to purchase a chain rail separately.

  • Pros:
    • A reliable system, able to open/close even the most massive doors
    • Great security
    • Smart features
  • Cons:
    • You need to purchase the chain rail
    • No backup battery

Bottom line: Liftmaster 8587 is an excellent, high-end garage door opener. A robust and durable chain drive is excellent for any door, no matter how heavy. It has reliable security options and smart functions. But, it is not cheap, and you will have to invest even more money to get that chain rail.

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22. Synergy 370 3/4 HP DC Motor 7′ Belt Drive

This German-made garage door opener is one of the best you can buy, no doubt about that. If you can afford it. It meets the highest standards, both for safety and quality. It has a mighty ¾ HPcs motor that is strong enough to pull even the large carriage house or garage doors against the force of the wind. It is also ultra-quiet. You can choose a chain, or belt drive system, for doors up to 10 feet high.

One of the many things that make Synergy 370 stand out is LED lighting. This is the first garage door opener that has LED lights installed. LED has two benefits- it is incredibly energy-efficient and long-lasting. With a 30 000 hour lifespan, you will never have to change burned out bulbs again. A backup battery is also an option if you want your garage door to operate when the power is out.

You can program your Synergy 370 door travel speeds up to 9.3 inches per second. You can do this separately for the opening or closing phase. Once you do it, the system itself will calculate and maintain needed forces, adjusting sensitivity levels. This is one of the safest and most reliable garage door openers on the market.

This is a high-tech device, Z wave, Home automation, HomeLink, and alarm system compatible. If you follow the latest trends and have a “smart” home, Synergy 370 is the garage door opener for you.

  • Pros:
    • Strong, ¾ system, chain or belt drive, fits doors up to 10 feet high
    • Highly programmable
    • Smart technologies
    • Backup battery
    • Led lights
  • Cons:
    • Extremely expensive
  • Bottom line: A top of the line product, Synergy 370, is an ideal solution for smart homes. It has all the latest features you can think of, but you will have to pay for them. If you can afford it, go for it, this is one of the best, if not the best garage door opener out there.

23. Chamberlain Group PD220 1/2-HP Chain Drive

Chamberlain made another excellent garage door opener. PD220 has a ½ engine and is powered by a chain drive. The latest technologies ensure quiet operation. This opener has a modern design, and it requires minimum space, making it a good option if you drive a tall SUV or a van. It is designed for 7 feet doors.

This garage door opener is super-easy to install, and you can do everything yourself, in no time at all. And once you set it up initially, it takes care of the rest. Auto force and electronic limits will maximize the performance and the lifespan of this garage door opener. Also, IR sensors will keep accidents at bay, stopping the door from closing if something or someone gets in the way.

It has a 60W or equivalent LED and CFL lighting that can be activated by the motion detection sensors.

It is controlled by a one-button visor remote with a tri-band frequency that maximizes the range and reduces interference. You can also use a HomeLink, but you will have to buy a separate bridge for some car models. And there is a doorbell wall control. Unfortunately, it does not have “smart” functions, such as smartphone control.

  • Pros:
    • Well designed
    • Easy to install
  • Cons:
    • ½ HP
    • Limited control options

Bottom line: Chamberlain Group PD220 is limited in power, but if your door is not too heavy, it should be fine. It offers some useful features, is well designed and quite easy to install. But for a high-end opener, you would be right to expect a bit more.

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24. Genie 1022-C 1/2-Horsepower DC ChainLift

This garage door opener has a heavy-duty motor, that produces 600 Newtons of force, ½ HP. ½ HP is not a lot, but this quiet motor is capable of opening doors up to 350 pounds heavy, up to seven feet high. It has an advanced soft start/stop system that goes easy on the door. The system is very reliable, and dual pinion drive will last a lifetime. And installation will not give you a headache, quick-connect wiring will save you a lot of time. Once you install it, IntelliTouch system takes care of the rest, applying the optimal amount of force all the time.

This system has useful security features. Genie’s own IntelliCode changes codes every time you press a button, stopping unauthorized entry. And Safe-T-Beam will stop the door if something gets under while closing, preventing accidents. It also has a spot for a 60W light, which is nice.

You can control the system with a three-button remote or a wall button. It is also HomeLink compatible. Genie 1022 lacks some advanced “smart: control features, but for the price, you can’t expect much more.

  • Pros:
    • Soft start/stop is gentle on the door
    • Easy to install
    • Good security
  • Cons:
    • ½ HP- suitable only for the light doors
    • Limited control options
  • Bottom line: For a budget model, Genie 1022-C does the job well. It will not give you high-tech “smart” stuff but will provide all the essentials. This is a reliable and safe system that does its job very well- opens and closes the door. If you want a lot more than that, you will have to pay a lot more.

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What are the different types of drives used in garage door openers?


Belt-Drive garage door openers use a rubber belt, which is strengthened with metal to move your garage door. The main advantage of Belt-Drive is the quietness of operation. They are super convenient to have when your garage is right bellow your bedroom, or even just part of the house.


Chain-Drive openers are known for their durability in use. Similar to the bike mechanism, the chain is put around a rail and pushes or pulls a trolley, which in turn opens and closes a garage door.

They are noisier than belt-drive ones, which can become a problem for house connected garage door openers, especially at night time.


Screw-Drive type of garage door opener works with the turning of a threaded steel rod, which in turn moves the trolley. The trolley, in turn, drives the garage door.

This method of opening garage doors provides the great pulling force, requires fewer parts to operate compared to chain drive or belt drive, and is more reliable.

It is also more noisy than the belt drive mentioned above but less than the chain drive.

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