Genie 37281V 3/4+ HPc DC Chain Review

The GENIE 37281V 3/4+ HPc DC is a sophisticated garage door opener, based on the latest technology and designed to meet expectations of more demanding homeowners. It comes with all the features you are going to need and some, interesting additions. In essence, the model we have here is more than just desirable.

Features and Product overview

When it comes to the design, the GENIE 37281V 3/4+ HPc DC stands out from the crowd. It actually has a deluxe main console, which is well-known and more than just appreciated by the users. It means that the garage door opener looks nice and modern, so it will blend in perfectly in all types of garages, even high-end ones. The same applies to the design of the remote controllers and a wall console.

The electric motor is DC, meaning that it is more reliable, lasts longer and uses less energy than AC electric motors. It also runs smoother than other, older units, which is another important factor to consider when looking for a new garage door opener. After all, this is a must-have element in more advanced garage door openers.

The unit in question is suitable for garage doors of 7 feet. In a case you have an 8 foot door, you will need an extension kit. Luckily, it is affordable, so this isn’t a severe issue. Keep in mind that the electric motor is powerful so it can open and close all garage doors without a problem. Even heavier models, which are made from wood or metal can be paired with the garage door opener.

Although this model uses the chain-drive system, it is quieter than equivalent models. For example, it comes with several, minor systems which keep the noise as low as possible. Then another set of systems has been added in order to keep maintenance at a minimum. All of this means that the garage door opener is reliable and worthy of consideration if you are looking for a quiet model.

Product Advantages

As we have mentioned already, the GENIE 37281V 3/4+ HPc DC is more than just average garage door opener. This means that it has a lot of advantages to offer, which are desirable or better said, essential nowadays.

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• Soft start and stop

We liked this advantage more than you may believe. On our tests, the unit provided smooth operations at all times, but it is even better if you know that stops and starts are soft. There is no noise nor anything which may have a negative, overall effect.

• Reinforced rail

The rail system, alongside, several other elements have been reinforced with steel. This means that they will last for a longer period of time and they are more reliable than equivalent models. The manufacturer used heavy-duty steel, so the quality of the entire system is stunning no less.

• SmartSet(TM) Programming

If you are looking for a garage door opener that is loaded with features, but at the same time easy to program and use, this model is just right. The system we have mentioned here allows for the users to program the entire unit within a matter of seconds. After that, using it can begin.

• Auto frequency seek

Remote controllers you get in the package have been based on the latest technology, meaning that they will automatically scan for available frequency. The possibilities are 315 MHz or 390 MHz, and they can be switched instantly. The advantage here is more than just beneficial for those who live in busy areas where people use a lot of frequency-based devices.

• Wireless keyboard

All of the homeowners who want a wireless keyboard to get with a new garage door opener will appreciate the model we have here. It involves the latest wireless keyboard, which is state of the art today. You are definitely going to like it.

• Auto-diagnostic

Modern garage door openers are complicated, and they have a lot of components built-in. As such, a separate system which is used to scan the entire garage door module and detect irregularities are more than essential. Here, you will get one of the best systems of this kind ever developed.

• Lightweight design

All of the components, including the electric motor, have been designed and made to stay as lightweight as possible. There are a few benefits of this advantage. First, the installation process is easier, then the electric motor has to withstand less weight in general, meaning that it will last for a longer period of time.

To sum things up, the GENIE 37281V 3/4+ HPc DC is a great, high-quality garage door opener developed by one of the best brands for those who want units which are better than all the rest. The features, the quality and the all the advantages we have mentioned here should help you understand why we have a high opinion about this model.

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Product Critique

Yes, the GENIE 37281V 3/4+ HPc DC certainly is a great garage door opener, but there are some issues with it. The first one is the extension kit which is mandatory for all garage doors of 8 feet. In the package, you get compatible elements for 7 feet door, so in a case you have another, bigger model, you would need to purchase an extension kit. Yes, it isn’t very expensive, but still.

At Genie say that most users have 7 feet garage doors, so the compatibility with 8 feet door isn’t actually needed. Still, this isn’t the best explanation they could provide. An interesting fact though is that most brands at the moment share the same issue. Their garage door openers are compatible with 7 feet door, but they require an extension kit for bigger models.

Another disadvantage is the warranty of the components except for the electric motor. It is 5 years only, so this is an issue for most homeowners. The model here isn’t the low-end unit, nor it is extremely cheap, therefore we have expected a bit better warranty for the elements beside the electric motor.

Other than these two issues, we were unable to discover anything else. The unit is well-made and suitable for most users of today.

Safety and Security

The safety is an important factor to consider when it comes to new garage door openers. Here you will get the latest Genie Intellicode technology which is approved in all the states and which complies with federal requirements. The technology will use a new code every single time you open or close the door, making the system bulletproof for burglars. In other words, nobody else can open your garage doors.

Safe-T-Beam system is implemented as well. In essence, it will scan the area beneath the door and detect if anything or anyone is located beneath the door while they are closing. If detected, the system will automatically stop the door closing process and open them. This eliminates the risk of being trapped beneath the garage door, which was an issue in the past.

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Installation and Programing

Installation of the unit is relatively simple and easy. Most homeowners won’t have a big deal installing this garage door opener. Furthermore, all the elements are easy to connect and they fit perfectly. A good addition is the fact instructions are easy to understand, detailed and reliable. In essence, you won’t have any complications with the installation process. It isn’t the easiest you can get, but it is far from too complicated.

Programming, on the other hand, is extremely simple. This model comes with the latest SmartSet system, which allows you to program the entire system with a few presses of a button. After that, the system is ready to be used and all the features are available. Believe or not, you will need a couple of seconds to program the unit and you are done.

Warranty and Support

Overall, the warranty is decent, but not great. First and foremost, the electric motor comes with a lifetime warranty, something we would expect. It is the best type of warranty you can get nowadays. On the other side, we have an issue with the warranty of other components. It is 5 years only, which isn’t ideal. We expect a bit longer warranty due to the fact this model is a bit more expensive than equivalent units available at the moment.

Support is simply great. They are always available and you can contact them using a phone or send them an email. Support agents are appreciated and experienced in any matter you may have. Expect to get the help you need within a matter of minutes.


At the end, we must summarize the Genie 37281V 3/4+ HPc DC garage door opener. It is a great model for those who want quality and plenty of features. Those who want the latest models will like this unit as well. After all, it offers all what a homeowner may need. As we have said at the beginning, this model is great for more demanding homeowners, who want all the best systems and who are ready to pay for them. Read our great comparison reviews guide and see also the best place to buy garage door openers.