Genie 1022-C 1/2-Horsepower DC ChainLift Review

There are a lot of affordable garage door openers on the market available at the moment. However, not all of them are great. Some have severe issues, others are not well-made and etc. But, the Genie 1022-C is different, we can even say special. First of all, this is a well-made unit which comes with most of the features you are going to need.

Features and Product overview

Straightaway we can see that the Genie 1022-C is a powerful unit. It comes with a DC electric motor and a power of 1/2HP. Maybe this doesn’t sound impressive, but this electric motor is capable of lifting garage doors with a total weight of 350 pounds. Other equivalent garage door openers can lift 300 pounds, so we know that the model in question is a heavy-duty unit.

When it comes to the design, it is ordinary. You shouldn’t expect the latest innovations in the world of garage door openers, but you will be more than just satisfied with the looks and the overall design. In addition, all accessories share the same passion, so we can say that design is decent, at least.

This unit uses the chain to open and close garage doors. After all, all affordable units are developed as chain-drive models. Surprisingly, the Genie 1022-C is quiet and thanks to the soft and smooth operations, very appealing to use, even in homes where garages are close to the bedrooms.

Another surprise comes related to the durability of the unit. This garage door opener is already known as a reliable and durable model, which suggests that you will be satisfied in the future. All homeowners who have been using it are more than just happy with these facts.

In a nutshell, this opener is a decent buy. Basically, it offers all the essentials you are going to need and it is well-made. In reality, this makes it a great purchase and a smart investment. We can add that this is probably the best garage door openers in the class.

Product Advantages

There are a lot of advantages this small garage door opener has to offer, despite the fact the price is low. During our tests, we were satisfied with the overall performances.

  • Smooth operations
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Regardless of the price, the Genie 1022-C comes with smooth start and stop systems. They are beneficial simply due to the fact they allow the unit perform better and also to protect sensitive components inside, which is directly linked to a longer lifespan.

  • Heavy-duty electric motor

The electric motor is developed as a heavy-duty unit. What this means is that you get higher than standard weight load and also a unit which will last longer.

  • Quick connect system

Thanks to this feature installation is more than just simple. This unit is suitable for those who want to install it all by themselves. The installation process is definitely an advantage, but this point will be mentioned more detailed below.

  • Dual-pinion design

Here we have another advantage of this, affordable garage door opener. A dual-pinion system allows for the unit to last longer, simply by reducing the wear and tear all movable parts must withstand. This system is common on more expensive models.

  • Value for money

One of the most important advantages this garage door opener has to offer is value for money. Equivalent garage door openers are at least 20% more expensive, meaning that this is a great buy and definitely something worth considering.

  • Practical wall button

Don’t expect to get some cheap and impractical wall button with this device. Actually, you get a large and practical wall button which is a real pleasure to use. It is specially designed so it can be used while your hands are occupied. In essence, this is an advantage worthy of mentioning.

  • Great packaging

While some garage door openers come in packages which are poorly labeled, which lack certain elements, this one doesn’t. The packaging is actually appreciated by most owners at the moment and it is something that should be taken into consideration. All items are well-labeled and perfectly packaged.

You should know by now that Genie 1022-C comes with most advantages average users will need. Keep in mind that this is the most affordable garage door opener on the market, so don’t expect too much of it. Basically, it offers everything you are going to need, but nothing more.

Product Critique

During tests of the Genie 1022-C, we were unable to discover some major design flaws or anything that will make this unit useless. On the other hand, we were able to find a few issues which must be mentioned.

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The first one is lack of support for 8-10 feet garage doors. This unit is designed for garage doors of 7 feet and that’s it. There is no extension kit available at the moment and there won’t be one in the near future. So, if you have 8 or 10 feet garage doors, this device simply isn’t for you. On the other hand, 7 feet door is the most common across the globe, so this may be an issue for a small number of users.

The second drawback is even less significant but can be more than just annoying. This garage door opener comes with a single remote controller. Yes, it has 3 buttons and the design shares the same path as the rest of the unit, but all other models come with 2 or 3 remotes, which is essential, due to the fact most homeowners have a need for more remotes. The only solution is to get an additional remote controller, which is cheap but does require some time.

Other than these two drawbacks, we were impressed with the unit. It is well-made and it offers all the systems you are going to need. In addition, the overall quality is an advantage as well.

Safety and Security

Safety and security features are decent in the lack of a better word. Of course, do not expect too much, but the safety is guaranteed and even those users who need the best protection will be satisfied. It all starts with rolling code technology which is standard. It means that the garage door opener uses a new code each time when the door is closed or opened. In essence, this eliminates the risk of someone obtaining your code and opening the door. Even the most expensive garage door openers use the same tech, so we can deduce that this is a safe unit.

Safe-T-Beams is another safety feature which must be included here. Basically, safety sensors will monitor the area beneath the door and prevent closing in a case something or someone is detected. This eliminates the risk of a child or a poet being trapped beneath the door, which is important.

Installation and Programing

When it comes to the installation process, the garage door opener we have here is special. Even users who don’t have experience with the installation processes are able to complete it within a matter of 2 hours. In reality, even seniors can install this unit.

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One reason for this advantage is the quick-wiring system, which means that all the wires are pre-set and properly labeled. In other words, this reduces the duration of the installation process and allows even for the beginners to install it. The user manual is above the average as well. It contains all the details and all steps you will have to take. This is another reason which is important when it comes to installation.

Programming is simpler than ever. This unit features the latest Easy IntelliTouch technology, which allows to users to complete programming within a matter of seconds, not minutes. Of course, it is important to add that user manual contains the instructions for this system and they come in high details. You won’t have any issues with this step.

To sum it all up, the Genie 1022-C is extremely easy to install and program. You don’t have to hire a professional and there is no need to look for additional instructions on the web. All you need is time and patience.

Warranty and Support

Warranty is precisely as we have expected. You get 5 years on the electric motor and 1-year warranty on other elements of the system. It isn’t the best, but it is decent if we take into account the price of this Genie garage door opener. A good thing is that the unit, including the electric motor, is a heavy-duty system, so you will get a much longer lifespan than the warranty.

On the other hand, we have the average support. They are always available and you can send them an email or call them. Any type of help can be obtained within a matter of minutes.


At the end, we must say that the Genie 1022-C is an interesting garage door opener. It certainly doesn’t offer all the features available today, but it is equipped with the systems all users need. As such, we will recommend it to homeowners who are looking for affordable and high-quality garage door opener with all, essential features. Check out also our Best Buying Guide and Comparison of garage door openers.