3 Best Infrared Heater Reviews 2019

An infrared heater is a simple device that has countless benefits and advantages. It is easy to user, it is modern and it comes with a design that is simply stunning. Add the fact they can be used for all areas and they don’t require additional items or gas to operate and you can understand why they are the most popular of all the types out there.  But, you will need to know how to find the best infrared heater and which features to look for. This will be answered below.

How do Infrared Heaters work?

Infrared heaters work in a simple way which can be described as electromagnetic radiation. It is perfectly harmless and it means that the electricity is converted into the heat. As such, they can be placed away from any object and used literally anywhere. The most important things to consider are the design and the power of the heater.

Infrared heaters are 35% more energy-efficient than conventional furnaces and they are more powerful, more appealing to use and they come with more advantages you will need. In a nutshell, they are a modern and the most effective heating method you can use these days.

By affecting the wavelength of the infrared heater you can change the temperature and make it more powerful or more energy-efficient.

Compared to gas heaters which have to be loaded with gas and which will burn gas to generate heat, infrared heaters are much more appealing and safer to use. You will get additional benefits and you will be warm without any dangers, which are common for gas-powered heaters.

Advantages and benefits of using infrared heaters

Infrared heaters are superior compared to other heaters and they have a lot to offer. This means that you can enjoy more for less. The advantages and the benefits we will list below should help you understand the overall functionality and why infrared heaters are so popular these days.

Air moisture will stay the same

Most heating options you can find these days will decrease the moisture in the air, significantly. This further leads to a scratchy throat and red eyes. It is also unpleasant to be in that room and you will probably need air moisturizer in order to fix the issue. Infrared heaters don’t heat the objects and they won’t affect the moisture levels in the air. This means that the same level of moisture will be present despite the fact you are warm thanks to a new infrared heater.

They can be used literally anywhere

There is no need to add that infrared heaters can be used literally anywhere. You can use them indoors, outdoors in a garage, while traveling and etc. All you need is a model that can keep the desired area warm, a power outlet and you are done. A nice addition is a fact some models are specifically designed for the use outdoors. Transun brand is known for infrared heaters that will provide heat even in windy conditions.

Easy to install

The installation is so simple that all models come without any possibility to be installed by a professional. All you have to do is to plug it in and set the temperature. The infrared heater will do the rest of the work all by itself.

Better air quality

All infrared heaters have one major advantage. They will kill the allergens that are present in the air and as such make the air better. This is especially important for people who are prone to allergies and who are looking for an interesting and simple way to get the air quality they deserve.

Boost blood circulation

Warmer air all around you will help you get better blood flow. In other words, your circulation will be improved which then offers you countless additional benefits. For instance, you can make your heart stronger. Although all users will get this benefit, seniors probably have one reason more to invest in an infrared heater.

The energy efficiency of infrared heaters

Did you know that infrared heaters are the most efficient type of heaters out there? You probably did due to the fact we mentioned this earlier on. In a nutshell, an infrared heater will use 80% of the energy to heat the objects and people around it. The other 20% is used to heat the air to a higher temperature. This means that there is no energy loss of any kind. All other types of heaters are less effective. When it comes to energy consumption, you can expect a lower energy bill by 70% which is impressive and you must admit it.

All infrared heaters will be used to heat up the bodies around it. This simply means that there is no energy wasted and you can feel the benefits almost instantly. Yes, a heater will start to heat as soon as you turn it on. Other types of heaters will require some time to reach the desired temperature. Then we have a simple trick or benefit that must be mentioned. These heaters will keep heating the area even after you turn them off. A period of time is needed to cool down the heating element but energy won’t be used, so you will be warm without using any electricity.

Keep in mind that most models available today come with advanced safety features such as automatic shutdown system which will turn the heater once it hasn’t be used for a specific period of time. The same feature is used as a method of decreasing energy consumption. What this means is that a heater won’t heat a room that doesn’t need to be a heater, as simple as that.

Buyers Guide: How to Choose Best Infrared Heater

In order to choose the best and the most suitable infrared heater, you need to know what to look for. This refers to the area where the heater will be used, the size, your requirements and so much more. These are factors and we will use the same ones while testing and reviewing products. Anyway, you can use it as a guide to finding an infrared heater that has it all and can be used without any drawbacks or issues.

The location where you will use it

The first and therefore the most important factor to consider is the area or the location where you will use an infrared heater. If you are planning to use it in a small room you will need a smaller heater. If you get a massive model you won’t be able to use its full potential. The same applies if you choose a gas-powered heater. It will be overkill.

The size of the area you want to keep warm is mandatory to know. As you will see later on, infrared heaters can be used for rooms with 300-1000 square feet of area. Obviously, you need a smaller model for a smaller room and a larger one for a bigger room. In addition, the rating or the power of the infrared heater will vary according to the brand, the size, the model and the price.

Don’t forget that all infrared heaters do need a power source. This isn’t an issue for most of you due to the fact you will use it inside a home. On the other side, if you want to use it in a place where the power source is limited or unavailable you will need a gas-powered model.

Insulation of a house needs to be taken into consideration. Insulation simply keeps the warmth inside a house. As such, if a property has massive and well-made insulation you will need a less-powerful infrared heater. If your house has poor insulation or none at all you will need a more powerful unit. Believe or not this is one of the most crucial things to consider and it has huge importance overall.

By now you must know that all infrared heaters heat objects and not the air itself. As a matter of fact, only 20% of the heat is used to heat up the air. Now you can see that the number of furniture and objects inside the room is important to consider. More objects will absorb more heat meaning you will need a less-powerful unit. Less furniture will absorb less heat so you do need more power.

Heating capability

Here we have an important factor that deserves your full attention. When choosing the best and the most suitable infrared heater you should consider the performance. Some models can provide excellent heat but only when you are close to the unit. After 2 or 3 feet you will feel cold. Other models will be far better and they will heat the room faster and they will maintain that heat better. The factor in questions is something we will include in the reviews below so you can get detailed and accurate information.


First infrared heaters were more than just loud. This obviously wasn’t an advantage and for most of you, it was a huge issue. Luckily today the situation is completely different. Modern models are quiet and they make very little noise while operating. All we can add is that you should consider the noise level of a model you want to own and always opt for the one with a low noise level as possible.

Price tag

And here is one factor that will probably be on your list. The price can determine which model is the most suitable for you. First and foremost the unit that has a lower wattage and lowers heating capabilities will be more affordable. These models are made for smaller rooms. If you add a few extra bucks you can get a more powerful unit with more advanced features and superb capabilities.

Residents of the home

Also, always include in your quest who lives with you in that house. If you have pets and small children you will need a model with advanced, protection features. For instance, you can get one that will shut down if it falls. You can also get a model that will have overheating protection and stop its process once the temperature reaches the desired value.

Size and weight

If you want to use the infrared heater in your room only and you don’t plan on moving it in the future, go for a bigger and heavier model. It will be more affordable and it will be a better investment. On the other hand, we have situations in which you will want to move the heater all the time. Then you do need a smaller and more compact unit.

Heavier models are more powerful and obviously bigger. They are designed for larger rooms or areas and they can be used for more demanding operations. Smaller ones are completely opposite. We should add that some infrared heaters can be powered by gas if you are planning to use it outdoors for a longer period of time.

Top 3 Infrared Heaters Review

  1. Lifesmart Traditional Wood Heater

Lifesmart Traditional Wood Heater has been one of the best and the most popular infrared heaters for a long period of time. The unit comes well-made, in a wooden case and has above the average performance. It targets users who want to stay warm at all times and who want to have an excellent heater to use all the time. It also looks excellent and comes with a superb warranty. The brand is known for high-end units and as you would expect, this is one of them. At any given moment you can contact customer support and solve any issue you may have.

Small and powerful

These are probably the best words that describe the unit in question. First of all, the model is made in the vertical design and can be used in narrow spaces. The weight is 24 pounds meaning you can move it literally at any given moment. But, the power of this model is an impressive advantage. It can be used for areas with up to 1400 cubic feet. There won’t be any issues if you use it in any room or the entire house.

Improved safety

Infrared heaters may be complicated to use and they may have been linked to some potential problems such as hot heating elements. This model is different. There are 3 heating elements, quartz of course and each one is protected with the metal piece. This simply means that even if you touch the heating section, you won’t burn yourself. In general, the tested model is safe to use even if you have small children and pets.

1500 watts of power

Here is one, interesting and important feature you need to remember. The unit has a maximum output of 1500 watts which makes it suitable for larger areas and makes it more powerful than similar models. On the other hand, you can use eco-friendly features. What this means is that you will set the power output to 500 watts and therefore get a more energy-efficient heater. However, you will need more time to heat up the area. The tested model is designed primarily to be eco-friendly and to use as little power as possible.

Timers and remote controller

The next best thing about this model is the remote controller. It can help you control the heat and almost all the features. The remote controller is well-made and it matches the unit perfectly.

Additional features include the digital thermostat that allows you to check the temperature at any given moment and also to make adjustments when needed. The dual timer will start the heater in the specified time and heat up the room before you arrive. Thanks to it, you can keep the energy bill as low as possible.


  • Powerful model
  • Dual timer option
  • Easy to use and compact
  • Eco-friendly


  • Difficult to find
  • Poor user manual


  1. Infrared Heater DR998

Besides the interesting name, this company has been known for impressive heaters that come with 3 years warranty and all the accessories you will ever need. Then we have excellent customer support which is at the highest level possible and we can add that the quality is impressive. The Dr. Infrared Heater DR998 is the latest addition to the brand and it has a lot to offer.

Small size and powerful capabilities

The unit comes with a weight of 24.8 pounds which is under average. However, it can heat and keep the temperature steady of the room with 1000 cubic feet. This is a massive advantage compared to other models and it can be one of the main advantages. We liked the fact the unit is quiet and it produces only 39dB while operating. This makes it ideal for people who want powerful, durable and quiet infrared heater.


Fast heating capabilities

Yes the Dr. Infrared Heater DR998 is one of the quickest models you can get today. What this means is that you will reach the desired room temperature literally within minutes. After that, you are ready to enjoy. This is possible thanks to the implementation of the latest technology. The model we tested has been properly engineered and tested in real-life situations. Thanks to all of this it can be used by the most demanding users who want to stay warm as long as possible.

Modern design

The design is impressive in the lack of a better word. This simply suggests that you will get a nice infrared heater with appealing construction and with all the essentials you will need. In addition, the unit comes made from strong and durable materials and it can be used literally anywhere. It will also match the décor of your home and you can use it as a functional addition.

Air filtration

Dr. Infrared Heater DR998 also has an air filter. It does a simple and important thing. It will filter the air and remove all the allergens and particles that may have a negative effect on the health of you and your loved ones. When the filter is dirty, all you have to do is to clean and wash it and you are done. There is no need to replace the filter and it can last as long as you want it.

Keeps the air moisture

The air will stay moisturized regardless of how long you have been using the infrared heater in question. But, in order to make sure this is perfectly optimized process and you get the best results, attach a water bottle (open of course) to the heater and leave it there. When the bottle is empty you can refill it and continue using it.

Auto shutdown and remote controller

As you would expect the tested model has a remote controller. It allows you to start the unit, to change the temperature and so much more. The remote controller matches the design and it is very easy to use. The heater will shut down itself after 12 hours, but it will start on if the temperature drops for 2 degrees that the user-specified. As such you get a model that uses less energy but can still keep your room at the desired heat.

The last section here will be directed towards the display. It is small, compact and it offers detailed information at all times. What this suggests is that even seniors can use it without any drawback. Also, you will want to know that the display matches the rest of the design.


  • Air filtration
  • Easy to use
  • Modern design
  • Quick operation


  • Loud
  • LEDs may be annoying when trying to sleep


  1. Duraflame DFI-5010-01 Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove with 3D Flame Effect

The last model on our list is a stunning creation that comes with powerful features. You will like the fact it looks like a furnace and it can be used for larger areas. It is made by a well-known brand and it comes with all the essentials you will need. Let’s start taking a better look at the heater and what it has to offer.

Decent power

The unit can be used for larger areas with a total size of up to 1000 square feet. This is above the average if you know that the model is small and compact. All you have to do is to set the desired temperature and it will complete the hard work instead of you. There is no need to adjust the vents or anything else. We can add that you will be warm at all times.

Then we have a timer option which is standard by now. It helps you start and turn off the heater automatically at the specified time. This decreases energy consumption and helps you decrease the energy bill at the end of a month.

28 pounds of weight

The infrared heart is small and portable. The total weight is only 28 pounds and the height is 1 foot. Thanks to all of this, you can place it literally anywhere and use it in smaller and crowded areas. We also liked the attention to detail and the fact you will get outstanding performance despite the small size.

When it comes to safety features, we can add that the unit will shut itself down in order to prevent potential fire or overheating. This made it a safe choice, especially for those who have pets and small children.

3D effect

As you can see the model has a 3D flame effect which makes it stand out from the crowd. You will get the illusion that the actual flame is present and you will enjoy looking at it. We did.


  • 3D flame effect
  • Small yet powerful
  • Value for money
  • Finish


  • Power cord location
  • Minimal difference between the settings


Which benefits infrared heaters have over other types of heaters?

There are a lot of benefits you will get with any infrared heater. But which ones do you need? Below are some of the main benefits and advantages compared to other types of heaters.

  • Low level of noise

Infrared heaters don’t have fans so they are very quiet and they can be used literally anywhere. The heat is delivered in a much safer and more appealing way.

  • Eco-friendly

As you already know, infrared heaters don release any toxins or chemicals to the air around them. This makes them safer for the environment and also for any type of use. They also use less energy than other heaters.

  • Quick effect

Heating the room will be instant. Infrared heaters will be the fastest option and they can be used for all rooms and all areas where you need to get warm as soon as possible.

The final word

Infrared heaters are the best and the most advanced type of heaters you will see and you will have the ability to own. They are advanced models of the modern generation and they come with countless benefits and advantages. Drawbacks? There aren’t any. Just make sure to pay close attention to the main factors we mentioned above and you will have a great time and you will stay warm at all times. Read more about garage equipment here.

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