Craftsman ½ HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener Review

The model in question comes with plenty of things you should like about it. Obviously, it doesn’t have the most powerful electric motor in the class, but it is still capable of offering sufficient capabilities. We must add that it features chain system, which is more appealing to the users, due to the fact it makes units more affordable.

Product overview

The design of the Craftsman ½ HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener is modern and sophisticated. For example, we like the fact the control panel comes with a large button which allows users to open the door while their hands are busy. Then we have two 100 Watts bulbs which will be turned on every time the garage door opener is used.

The Craftsman ½ HP is best for uses with single or double garage doors made from aluminum or wood. The limit of the unit is 300 pounds, so you should keep this into consideration. On our tests, the device operated perfectly without any issues. In addition, all the owners claim that all the doors up to 7 inch high can be paired with the unit in question.

Door opening and closing are fast and reliable. This model is appreciated for the overall quality and the strength of the chain system. Overall, you shouldn’t expect any complications nor issues for a long period of time.

The package is complete, meaning that it comes with all essentials included in it. We have the device, two remote controllers, keyless entry card, sensors and owner’s manual. Rails and other hardware are included in the package as well. It is possible to install the unit as soon as you get it will be ready to operate within a matter of hours.

So, by now we know that the Craftsman ½ HP is suitable for most types of doors and that it works perfectly. If you are still curious about the design of the unit, we will reveal that it will probably fit perfectly in your home.

Product Advantages

Just because this is an affordable and compact unit, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have sophisticated features. As a matter of fact, this is a modern garage door opener, so basically, it comes with most of the systems and elements you are going to need.

  • Keyless entry
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Thanks to the key card you will get, entering your garage is easier than ever. The keyless card comes with a Personalized Identification Number which must match the control unit in order to open the door. We liked the feature and chances are high all of you will like it as well. There is no need to use a remote each time you want to get in a garage.

  • Long-lasting AC motor

The electric motor used in this garage door opener is above average. It is modern and it is known for extra-long lifespan. In simple words, these electric motors are reliable and can last for decades without a single malfunction. Sadly, this also means that that built-in battery isn’t an option, but at least your electric motor will last as long as you need it.

  • HomeLink compatible

For owners with older vehicles, a remote controller is the best way to use the garage door opener. For owners of newer cars, HomeLink is a much better alternative. It is standard for almost all car brands, but it was introduced in 2012. Don’t forget that you may need an external adapted, depending on your vehicle.

  • Tri-Frequency Radio System

As the name suggests, this system uses three different frequencies to operate the garage door opener. What this means is that there won’t be any interference with other products that use frequencies to run. A few years back, these issues were common and you may have some complications back then. Luckily, the system here eliminates this risk.

  • Automatic Force adjustment system

Yes, this system is almost standard nowadays. What it does is uses a clever algorithm implemented by the CPU of the garage door opener. It analyzes the temperature, garage door movement, and several other factors in order to apply the correct force needed to close the door. You probably know that this ensures proper door closure at all seasons.

  • Eco-friendly

Craftsman ½ HP uses less energy than most models available today. There are two reasons for that. The first one is the electric motor. It has ½ HP of strength, so obviously, it uses less electricity to operate. Then we have the technology which was used in the electric motor development. Combined, this garage door opener requires less energy than the previous version. Sleep feature is added as well. When activated, the garage door opener will use 1 Watt of energy.

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Product Critique

Unless this is your first garage door opener, you would know that noise is a common drawback of all garage door openers which use chain drive. Sadly, this mechanism isn’t as smooth as belt system. As such, we would highly recommend the model installation in garages which are far from bedrooms. The Craftsman ½ HP is actually quieter than similar models, also based on chain mechanism, but it is still louder than those based on the belt system.

The second drawback is the lack of built-in battery. Sadly, these batteries cannot be paired with AC electric motors. At the moment, there is no way to implement any battery used today with the systems based on AC technology. This definitely isn’t an issue if you live in an area where power outlets never occur.

Other than these two drawbacks, we haven’t found any issues which may affect the overall satisfaction rate of the future owners.

Safety and Security

Surprisingly, safety features associated with this model are above average. We can see that some of them are ‘’borrowed’’ from more expensive models, made by the same brand.

  • Rolling Code Protection

This is a well-known feature. In essence, the code which is used to open the door will be randomly chosen every single time user opens the door. There is no need in telling you that this makes the entire system much safer and reduces the risk of burglary.

  • Safety sensor technology

Another, standard safety feature. It uses sensors to scan the area beneath the door. If an object is detected, the system will apply garage door closure prevention. It ensures that nothing or nobody is trapped beneath the garage door.

  • Assurelink compatibility

The unit we are reviewing here is compatible with the Assurelink™. This system will allow for the homeowners to control garage door opening, closing, and the exterior lighting literally from anywhere on the planet. Don’t forget that this system comes as an option, so you will need an additional investment.

  • PosiLock® System

Once closed, the garage door will stay closed and only the owner can open them. This is one of the best safety systems available at the moment and it is standard even for the most expensive garage door openers made by this brand.

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Installation and Programing

As we have already mentioned, the system comes with all the essentials needed for the complete installation. Thanks to the Quick Install Rail System, the entire unit can be assembled in 60 seconds. Then we have the keyless entry programming, which uses a 4-digit password and it is also easy to program.

Owner’s manual is helpful and chances are high that you won’t have any complications with the installation process. Dimensions, low weight, and overall simplicity made the Craftsman ½ HP probably one of the easiest garage door openers to install right now.

Just in a case you are not comfortable with this, you can get professional installation. It can be completed in less than an hour.

Warranty and Support

As we have said, the AC electric motors come with a long-lasting warranty. In this case, you can expect a 10-year warranty on the electric motor. Other elements have 2-year warranty, which is decent. Keep in mind that all the accessories come with a 1-year warranty. Overall, the warranty is decent and we know that it is reliable. The quality of the unit makes the risk from actually needing the warranty below average.

Support is another advantage of the unit. We all know that this brand offers one of the best supports in the industry. They are available during working days and you can use phone or email to contact them. They reply fast.


At the end, we must say that the Craftsman ½ HP is more than just average garage door opener. It is affordable, but it comes with easy installation and keyless entry. Then we have other safety features which make this model incredibly safe and reliable at all times. Compatibilities with the HomeLink and Assurelink are definitely something that has to be taken into consideration. You will get a reliable unit, which can last for a long period of time and which can meet almost all your demands. For garages which are far from the residential area and use lighter doors, this is probably the best garage door opener you can buy today.

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