Best new Chamberlain garage door openers tested and reviewed

Chamberlain is one of the best garage door openers in the world. They are also known for making a state of the art units that use belt, chain, jackshaft, or screw drives.  In addition, they launch new models all the time, so we need to test them and provide you with the reviews. Below you can see several new models that look promising and that are already popular. We will present you with their features, pros, and cons, and also the benefits each one will provide to new owners.

  1. Chamberlain WD832KEV Garage Door Opener

The first model on our list is the Chamberlain WD832KEV Garage Door Opener. When you decide to replace the old unit, you will have to make an important choice. Which drive type a new garage door opener has? There are chain models that are the oldest and the loudest but also the most affordable. Screw type is louder and a bit rarer option. Belt drive models are the most sophisticated, and they don’t make any noise at all.  As the name suggests, they use a belt to open and close the garage door. We highly recommend belt drive units precisely due to this reason. Yes, they are slightly more expensive, but they are worthy.

Chamberlain WD832KEV Garage Door Opener is one of the models made by this brand with the belt drive. It has 1/2HP electric motor, DC, of course, and it can be used to open all types of garage doors. Even two-car garage doors won’t be an issue for this system.

Motor Vibration isolation

This particular model comes with a feature called motor vibration isolation. What it does is decreases the vibrations and noise produced by the electric motor. In return, the entire system is even quieter than similar models available on the market. Keep in mind that the Chamberlain WD832KEV comes in a package with a weight of 35 pounds. It includes the rails and all the hardware needed for the installation. You will need help in order to install it.

2 remote controllers

In the package, you will get 2 remote controllers with 3 buttons each. They are well-made, small in size, and very practical. In addition, they are pre-programmed and ready to be used straight from the box. If you need additional ones, you can purchase the remote controllers only.

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Security and safety features

The first feature here you will need is the Chamberlain’s Protector System. Basically, this is a laser beam that is sent across the door. When the beam is broken, the garage door opener will reverse the closing process and therefore eliminate risk from injuries or even worse. The feature in question is standard for most garage door openers of this kind, and it is almost mandatory these days.

The second feature is the Posi Lock system. This is a rolling code technology that will generate a new code every single time you use the garage door opener. This is the best security feature in the world, and it is present on all garage door openers. What it does is makes the obtaining the code that can be used for opening the garage doors impossible for the thieves and burglars.

Isn’t it suitable for commercial garage doors

You can install this model on any garage doors for residential garages. But, it isn’t designed, and it shouldn’t be installed on commercial garage doors. It will require to be opened and closed almost 100 times per day, and the process must be as quick as possible. This is a residential garage door opener as you would expect.


  • Low vibrations
  • Quiet
  • Easy to install
  • Durable and well-made


  • Poor user manual
  • Poor customer support


  1. Chamberlain PD762EV Garage Door Opener


The Chamberlain PD762EV Garage Door Opener is a bit special model. First of all, it comes with a powerful electric motor, and it can be installed on heavy wooden garage doors. This makes it very versatile and useful for most homeowners. In addition, the garage door opener is well-made and comes in a complete package, so all you have to do is to install it. We also liked the overall simplicity the system has. You won’t encounter any issues or problems while using the model in question.

Security and safety features

The Chamberlain PD762EV Garage Door Opener will impress you with its safety and security features. The first one is a laser beam that will detect an obstacle and prevent the garage door from closing.  This is a must-have feature if you have small children or pets. It will also detect an obstacle beneath the garage door and stop it from closing. The rolling code is obviously present. As we have mentioned already, the system generates a new code each time you open or close the garage door and makes it impossible for the burglars to open the garage.

Accessories which are included in the package

The list of accessories is so long that you can use this garage door opener form your car, outside, or even from your home. The remote controller has 3 buttons, and it is a standard controller made by Chamberlain. We liked their durability mixed with simplicity. It uses three different frequencies in order to eliminate interference and allow you to use the garage door opener at any given moment.

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IR sensors

IR stands for infrared, and these are sensors that will show a beam of invisible light across the garage doors. If that beam is interrupted, the garage door opener will prevent you from closing the door and injure someone.


  • Powerful motor
  • Remote controllers
  • Accessories included in the package.
  • Safety features


  • Hard to find
  • Complicated installation


  1. Chamberlain PD510 Garage Door Opener

The Chamberlain PD510 Garage Door Opener is an excellent unit that comes at affordable prices.  You will like the overall safety features. There is a rolling code 2.0 technology that uses a new code every single time you open or close the garage door. Then we have the 1/2HP electric motor with the industrial quality. The unit uses a chain drive with an enclosed gear system that prolongs the lifespan of a garage door opener.

Overall the safety and simplicity are the biggest advantages this model has to offer. It is easy to install and comes with all the essentials you will ever need. In addition, the model we tested came with a great user manual, which will be helpful if you want to install it all by yourself.

The Chamberlain PD510 Garage Door Opener is safe to use as well. It has a beam that will stop the garage door closing if it is interrupted. This is essential if you have children or pets. We must add that the electric motor is extremely powerful and durable, which makes this unit a wise investment.


  • Durable electric motor
  • Trolling code technology
  • Safety beam
  • Easy to install


  • Loud while operating
  • Fine adjustments are complicated.



  1. Chamberlain PD512 Garage Door Opener

Let’s see why the Chamberlain PD512 Garage Door Opener deserves to be on our list. First of all, it has ½ HP electric motor of the modern generation that makes it a great and durable choice. The drive is a chain, and it is another reason why this model will last for years. In addition, the unit is made to meet the highest expectations.

In the package, you get standard remote controllers, and you can install this model all by yourself. There are sensors that will monitor the travel of the garage door and the temperature and adjust the closing process precisely according to the variations. This means that your garage door will work perfectly as long as you need them.

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Rolling code and safety beam are additional features that are supported and implemented. The goal here is to make the garage door opener immune for the burglars and thieves and make the entire system and your garage safer.


  • Durable chain drive
  • Sensors for adjusting the opening and closing process
  • Rolling code technology
  • Value for money


  • Some packages don’t include needed screws.
  • Difficult to find

Chamberlain Portable wireless intercom system

The Chamberlain Portable wireless intercom is an interesting system developed by this company. It is a doorbell unit that allows you to communicate with your visitors from any room in the house. You can install the system within seconds, and it doesn’t include any wiring or batteries. The range is 1000 feet, and you can always know who is coming to visit you. Yes, you can pair this system to any garage door opener made by Chamberlain.

How to program your Chamberlain remote controller

This section will help you learn how to program Keychain Remote 956EV/EV and Remote with Visor Clip 953EV/EVC remote controllers. Keep in mind that we are referring to systems made after the 1st of February 1993. They are smart remote controllers that have red, green, or orange buttons. Anyway, you will have to follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. The first thing to do is to close the garage door. Make sure to use this step, or the programming won’t work.
  2. Locate the button on the remote controller, which may be available as a pinhole. Use the paper clip to press it. When you press it, the light will go on.
  3. Press a learn button on the garage door opener.
  4. Now you have 30 seconds to press any button on the remote controller you want to use to open the garage door. If you waited too long, start from the first step and repeat the entire process.
  5. Exit from the program mode by pressing any other button on the remote controller. You are done.


We listed some of the best and the most appealing Chamberlain garage door openers and a few additional services and gadgets they offer. It is your turn to choose the best one for your garage and to install it. One of these models will do the trick just fine.