Garage floor plans: Why they are important, where to find them and how much do they cost?

Many homeowners decide to build their own garage flooring all by themselves. This is a common choice if you want to save money, you want to create something by yourself or you have specific requirements that contractors can’t meet. Regardless of the reason why you have made this choice you will need a garage floor plan. Today we will discuss all about this element and help you with choosing the best option.

garage floor plans
Garage floor plans – do you wish for a garage floor like this?

What is the garage floor plan?

A garage floor plan is the blueprint of the new garage. It will contain all the dimensions, main compartments and all the details you will need to build a garage. The same plans are used by contractors so you can see their importance. Keep in mind that you can try and build a garage without a floor plan, but this will be an impossible mission with hundreds of flaws and issues.

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Are there free garage floor plans?

Yes, you can find free garage floor plans. For instance, here you can find over 70 different plans ready to be used as soon as possible. When looking or using a free garage floor plan, make sure it is developed properly and it has no issues or problems. Such plans are usually developed by architecture students, contractors or people who have experience with building garages.

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What about purchasing detachable garage floor plans?

These plans do exist as well and they are a bit better than the free ones. The main difference is in the complexity. Usually, free plans come for 1 car capacity and basic design. Paid plans are more complex and they can be found in 1-6 car sizes. It is important to get a garage floor plan that has all covered. This especially refers to the dimensions, materials and the overall construction. Here you can find an amazing bargain regarding premium garage floor plans that are professionally created and include all the elements you will ever need. The price of under $30 will give you 66 plans.

Should I consider garage kits and invest in one?

If you are looking for the most affordable alternative of them all you will definitely be interested in garage kits. First of all, what they are? These kits are available in different sizes and with different features. You will order one, get it to your home address and you will assemble it. It is nothing more than a giant puzzle. The main advantages are the versatility of the kits and the simplicity, alongside the aforementioned price. You can find any kit you will like and which will meet your requirements. Menards is a well-known place for selling these kits and highly recommended by us.

How much a garage floor plan should cost?

There are several factors that will determine the price of a new garage floor plan. The first one is the size. Larger plans are more expensive. Simplicity is another factor. More complex plans with multiple storage areas are more expensive. Here you can check the price of a specific garage floor plan. In a nutshell, they can cost between $150 and $500 but the matter can’t be generalized. See more in Garage Floor Coating Cost – Guide

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Are there garage floor plans with a loft and where I can find them?

Some of the best garage floor plans come with a loft. It is the best alternative if you are looking for added storage space. These plans are generally a bit more expensive than standard ones. On the other hand, they offer far more space and they are more suitable for demanding homeowners. We prefer those plans as well. Each one can make your new garage a masterpiece and extremely practical place. At you can browse the plans of this kind and get additional information.

Can I find RV garage floor plan for free?

Yes and no. These plans are more complex than the others, so they are usually available as paid plans only. However, we were able to find several plans of this kind at The goal here is to find a plan that is suitable for your RV and can meet all your requirements. Don’t forget that you will need more space and you will need more material.

Can I create a garage floor plan by myself?

If you are a contractor or you have architecture knowledge yes you can. If you don’t have any of these things then it isn’t advised to create a new garage floor plan all by yourself. Chances are high that you will make a severe mistake that can cause the garage to collapse or even worse. If we know that an average plan will cost you $200 you can definitely afford this element for your new garage. It is a much safer alternative.

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