Important tips on how to improve the security of your home

You are probably thinking that your security or better said the security of your home is decent and you don’t have anything to worry about. This isn’t the truth. In the lack of a better word, most homeowners who were robbed at some point made a simple mistake that had a catastrophic effect. In order to help you be better and smarter, we decided to share some of the most important and the most beneficial security tips. They are simple, but they have a huge effect on the overall safety of you, your house and your family.

Important tips on how to improve the security of your home
Important tips on how to improve the security of your home

Lock all that has a lock

The first and most important tip is to lock all the entrances to your home. Yes, this especially refers to the entry door, back door and the windows close to the ground. But you also should lock the windows and the doors on the first and second floor. Burglars can get the advantage of an unlocked window, despite the fact it is 20 feet above the ground.

Never forget to lock the door between your home and a garage. The garage is a weak point of many homeowners and this door will have a huge effect in making your security just perfect. Invest in safety door between these two objects and you will be much safer, far more than you can imagine.

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The bottom line is that all possible entrances to your home should be locked at all times. By using this simple tip your home will be 110% safer and burglars won’t be able to gain access to your premise.

Get and use plug timers

These items may look like new technology but they actually have been with us for a decade. They are simple gadgets that can make your home smarter, literally. What they do is they can turn on a specific device or item such as a lamp at a specific period of time. For instance, you can use a plug timer to turn on a lamp in your living room precisely at 10:11 and to turn it off at 2:10. You can set the desired time.

A plug timer will cost you $10 or even less and there is no amount on how many of them you can use. Simply make the plug timers turn on several gadgets in your home and make an impression that someone is inside. This will leave an impression that the home isn’t empty and most burglars will simply eliminate it from their list of possible targets.

Don’t think that this is an ineffective method. As a matter of fact, according to the research, it is one of the essential security tips people in the United States use and can prevent possible burglaries.

Cancel all the services in the time frame when you are not at home

If your mailbox is full, thieves will realize that you are not there and you won’t be home in the next couple of days. You have just made your home an easy target. In some, more severe cases a member of the service you have been using will reveal the classified information about an empty house. By canceling your services in the time frame you are not at home, you eliminate this risk and your home will be much safer, obviously.

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Here we can add that your neighbors should check your home and make sure everything is as it should. They should check the exterior and the interior and yes, they should have a key. Now is the right moment to start a friendship with your neighbors. In addition, some burglars won’t mess with homes where the local community is strong and works together.

A home security system is a must

Yes, this might be a bit expensive investment but it has a huge effect on safety. Installing a home security system will decrease the odds of your home being robbed by 84%. According to the study conducted in the United States, burglars and thieves will avoid homes with a security system in the aforementioned percentage.

Don’t forget that this system makes the overall household much safer in general and can help you control your house even while you are away. They use high-end cameras and sensors that cannot be disabled nor tweaked so you are the only who can disable the system.


These tips are simple, but they have a huge effect on your safety and they can make your home immune to the burglars and thieves. Of course, you should start with the basic tips here and gradually increase safety by implementing more advanced processes such as security system, security doors and etc. For more security tips see our safety and security section here.