Here is one of the most affordable garage door openers in the class. The Genie ChainMax 1000 is powerful, yet practical and convenient. It is also very quiet and reliable. The model in question has been among us for some time, so we know that there are a lot of satisfied owners. As always, there are a lot of facts and features you should know about the unit.

Product overview

The main thing to know about this unit is the electric motor. It is a 3/4 HP unit, capable of lifting heavy weight doors. It is also one of the latest electric motors developed by this company, so it is reliable, tough and sophisticated. In a nutshell, you will become an owner of a high-quality garage door opener at a low price.

It is developed for garage doors of 7 feet, but you can get an extension kit and use it for larger doors of 8 feet. A good thing is that the extension kit is affordable as well, so this adaptation isn’t as expensive as you may think.

When it comes to the design, we were surprised. All the elements look modern and they are well-made. For example, the central console is deluxe and elegant. Remote controllers share the same advantage, which is very important nowadays. The same goes for other components, therefore this model would look perfectly at all homes.

Being based on the latest technology, we expect a lot of this garage door opener. It was tested and on our tests, it was one of the highest ranked garage door openers in the class. The quality, alongside several other advantages, made it so desirable.

It is fast as well, so opening or closing garage doors is quicker than ever. However, it is still quiet, despite the fact it is quicker than equivalent models. One reason for that is sophisticated rail and inner systems.

The model here uses a chain mechanism, which is more affordable, but louder than belt drive alternatives. Nevertheless, most of you won’t be able to tell a difference, thanks to the advantages we have mentioned.

Product Advantages

Just because the Genie ChainMax 1000 is affordable, it doesn’t mean it is cheap. As a matter of fact, this small unit brings a lot of advantages we liked and you will as well. Let’s explain them a bit better.

  • Extremely quiet

Believe or not, this model is quieter than some garage door openers which use belt-drive system! It was an interesting surprise, but our tests proved that the noise it makes is much lower than equivalent units produce while operating.

  • Smooth operation

The smoothness of garage door opening and closing is definitely an advantage. We liked how well it performed, even with heavy garage doors. Both actions look elegant as well, which is one of the characteristics more expensive models have to offer.

  • Very quick

This garage door opener will open your doors at a speed of 7 inches per a second. Yes, it isn’t the quickest time available at the moment, but it is still very quick. This means that your garage doors will be opened or closed in less time than with your old unit.

  • C-channel rail

This small feature has a huge advantage. It is designed to prevent dirt buildup in the rail itself, allowing for the system to run smoothly and at optimal speed. The design also prevents the buildup of oil or other elements, allowing for the unit to stay fully operational for a long period of time. In addition, this also reduces the maintenance needed for the garage door opener.

  • Auto Seek Dual Frequency

This feature will scan the frequency of the remote controller at any given moment and automatically switch to a second one if there is interference with the remote frequency. It is essential if you live in an area where interferences are common. A good thing is the fact this system is always activated, so there is no need for additional activation, programming or etc.

  • Genie Sense

This feature is actually another system which scams the garage door opener all the time during opening or closing processes. It detects the amount of energy a unit requires and sends only the specific amount of it. This is the main reason why this unit is so smooth while operating.

  • Color-coded parts

It is rare to find a garage door opener which comes with a similar advantage as this one. The parts are color coded, allowing to the users a much simpler installation than ever before.

  • HomeLink & Car2U compatible

This model is compatible with both systems we have just mentioned. This makes it easy and practical to use in modern society. Programming of this kind is easy and simple. But, we must add that it is also compatible with the Aladdin Connect.

If you believe that there are no a lot of advantages of this model, think again. It is an affordable unit and actually one of the most reliable at the moment. All of this makes it an interesting choice, especially if we add the next segment.

Product Critique

It isn’t possible to develop a product or anything else in that matter which is 100% perfect. Obviously, the Genie ChainMax 1000 comes with a few drawbacks. What’s interesting is the fact all the downsides we were able to discover are less than severe. Usually, models from this price range have more pronounced drawbacks.

The first one is a need for extension rail. If you recall, we mentioned that it is sufficient for 7-feet garage doors, but in a case you have an 8-feet model, you will need the extension kit. This is a drawback due to the fact most models available today are compatible with garage doors of 7 and 8 feet. They need the extension rail for garage doors of 10 feet. But, if your garage door is 7-feet, you won’t have this issue. In addition, extension rail is more affordable than usual.

Using older remote controllers we discovered another drawback. In those cases, programming is significantly more complicated than when you use modern controllers. After all, this is a modern garage door opener, therefore it is designed to be used with modern remote controllers.

Other than these two downsides, we were unable to discover anything else worth considering. The unit worked very well in all our tests.

Safety and Security

Safety features are probably the main factor to consider, for most homeowners. A good thing is that here we get all which is needed. The main feature is intelli code technology. It is a well-known system which is standard for all garage door openers. What it does is uses a different, a new code each time you open or close the door. As such, it makes impossible for the burglars to obtain a code which will open the door.

Safe beams are available as well. They are used to scan the area under the door when they are closing. In a case something has been detected, the system will automatically prevent door closure and open them. This eliminates the risk of being trapped beneath the garage door.

Genie sense is a type of safety feature as well. It will run diagnostics at all times and prevent door opening or closing if a malfunction is detected. In general, it protects the system, the door and people around it.

As you can see, there are all the safety features you may need, implemented into this garage door opener.

Installation and Programing

Installation of the unit will take 3-4 hours. It means that it isn’t as complicated as you may think, but isn’t one of the easiest to install garage door openers available right now. In essence, you would be able to install it all by yourself. This model comes with detailed and well-explained instructions and color-coded parts. It makes assembly and installation much simpler.

SmartSet has been implemented for easy programming. All you have to do is to press a button and programming is done. It is one of the most desirable features for beginners and one of the most appealing in general.

Warranty and Support

The warranty is a lifetime for the electric motor. Due to the various reasons, it will last as long as you may need it and it will be reliable all that time. The warranty for other parts is 5 years, which is decent if we take the price into account.

Support is standard for this manufacturer. It is always available, it is reliable and support agents can assist you with any matter you may have within a matter of seconds.


The Genie ChainMax 1000 may be one of more affordable garage door openers available right now, but it is the best in this price range. The quality, the design, and the features made it extremely popular. In essence, it is safe, durable and it offers all the elements you may need. In addition, it even looks modern. We would recommend this model for homeowners who want the latest gadgets, latest features and who want a great value for money. Read our huge buyers guide to find out which is the best smart garage door opener on the market.