How to maintain garage door tracks?


Getting late for work and garage door just jammed?

Uhh! This unwarranted obstacle is always so erring.


One key solution for this problem is regular maintenance of your garage door. Lack of maintenance can accumulate corrosive chemicals and dirt particles, which are the real culprit behind the obstinate door. While proper maintenance will keep things in action and also increase the life of the garage door components.


But first, you must identify the type of garage door you have, as the solution will accordingly vary. For instance, if you have an electric garage door that jas jammed, you just need to pull the emergency cord and you’re good to go. However, you can avoid this situation altogether, if you are regular with the maintenance part. So, below are a few tips that may help you maintain your garage door tracks, easily.

How to maintain garage door tracks
How to maintain garage door tracks

How to adjust the garage door track

Facing problem in adjusting the garage door track? Follow the steps below for smooth door operation.

  1. The brackets that are keeping your garage door tracks in their position, must be attached properly. If any nuts or screws are loose, tighten them properly.
  2. Secondly, you must inspect the tracks for any possible damage, with the door in the closed position. In case you notice any bent or dent in the tracks, you can easily fix it with your hammer, though you need to be gentle. If it doesn’t work out, you might need to replace the tracks.
  3. Next, you must also check for the alignment. Place a level at the front of the door and check if the doors are vertically aligned. But note that there needs to be a slight tilt between the horizontal tracks and the downward garage door opening. Both, vertical and horizontal tracks should be on the same height, on the wall and the ceiling.
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For any adjustments, let loose the mounting brackets by loosening the bolts holding them in place. Where needed, place a piece of wood against the track when the brackets loosen, so that the track can move easily and then tap on the block with a hammer.


Beware: At the time of repairing garage tracks, assure that all the screws and nuts are fastened properly. If not, just tighten them with a screwdriver. However, if they are broken and can not be maintained, just replace them with the new one for better results.

Tips to maintain garage door tracks

Here are a few tips that may help you maintain garage door tracks. Follow the steps below.

#1. Clean your metal garage door

Due to corrosion, the electric gates start creating problems. To get rid of the same just take mild water, add detergent or shampoo and with the help of the brush, clean the metal garage door. This will remove the dust and corrosive chemicals from your door. Hence, it will look better and will work properly. Do it twice a year.


#2. Paint Wooden garage doors

Wooden garages, due to the moisture didn’t work properly. If you have a wooden garage door, just clean it with a wet cloth or detergent. This will remove the dust from the door. After that, just paint the door, this will resist the chance of moisture to seep into the door. It is mandatory, once in a year.


#3. Lubricate moving parts

Both the doors i.e. wooden door or electric garage doors have the springs and metal chains that help in moving the garage door track. They, due to corrosion did not work properly sometimes. What you have to do is to spray the oil on all springs, hinges, rollers and all the metal parts once or twice in a year, so that they will work properly and garage door can easily glide up and down.

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#4. Tighten the hardware

When we regularly use garage doors, nuts and bolts get loose, which results in the imperfect working of the garage door track. At least once in a year, tight all the screws, nuts and bolts so that they can work properly and not create any problem for you.


#5. Clean and lubricate garage door tracks

Wipe the garage door track from a clean cloth and then carefully clean all the exposed rollers. Clean all the moisture carefully and then apply a specific designed garage door oil or powder, so that the rollers can work smoothly.


Having a garage is a good thing for your car’s safety but the garage door tracks also need your attention so that they can work properly. At least once or twice in a year, have a look on the door tracks and clean them with detergent and apply lubricant to protect them from corrosion. It may happen several times that any nut or screw gets loose, check them and tighten them. There is no rocket science involved in the maintenance of garage door tracks. Just regular care and upkeep can solve most of your garage door track problems.