If you had to manually open and close your garage door every time you need to park your car or leave the house you would be wasting a lot of time for a menial task. This boring task compared to taking out the garbage outside is best eliminated completely from your life. This is where garage door openers remote come in. We have done an extensive review of best universal garage door remote controllers and have some top recommendations for you.  

In this universal garage door remote review we gathered some of the top garage door remote controllers which will make your home more modern with a technology that will work hard for you by saving you time and giving you greater comfort.

The security of your home will also be improved upon and that is a very important thing to do. Once you switch to using universal remote your garage will be greatly protected from access via manual lock.

The beautiful thing about universal remotes is that they are easily paired with any garage door opener you might already have. Don’t be afraid of the programing of your new garage door opener remote. It is not difficult and you will not need a help from a professional installer. You should even relish the opportunity to totally customize how you want  your garage door to operate. You will be able to attune it to your needs and habits and it will mostly be set it and forget it kind of programing. For example: You drive away in the early winter Friday morning to work and since you were so tired you can’t remember weather you closed the garage door or not. You custom set 2 minute automatic close timer and smartphone application with an indicator of your garage door being closed will give you peace of mind any time of the day.

Universal garage door remote control is small, compact and easy to carry and handle.

Top Universal Garage Door Remote Controls

Chamberlain KLIK1U

If you are looking for a remote control which supports the widest range of garage door openers (something in the 99.9% range) look no further than the Chamberlain KLIK1U garage door remote control.

If this is your first remote there is a smart learn button available which will guide you on how to set it up properly. You will easily find it by removing a front panel.

If you happen to have an old remote and you would like to match the settings it can be done by using a dip switches.

 No matter if you are a first time buyer or you just want to replace your old and worn out remote control, Chamberlain KLIK1U is your surefire bet. 

Do you have two garage door openers from different manufacturers and you are worried that you will need to deal with a hassle of operating two different remote controls? KLIK1U got you covered because it can control garage door openers from two different brands and by using two different frequencies.

Do you also own a Chamberlain gate opener? This remote control can be programed to also work with it by using one of the available buttons. If this is your situation KLIK1U would completely streamline your garage parking and leaving experience.

Quick way to determine compatibility with garage door opener is to see if it has a photo eye safety sensor.

Liftmaster 371LM

If you are just looking for something simple that gets the job done then Liftmaster 371LM is a great choice for you. It only has a single button and if you only need it for one garage door opener it will serve you well.

This remote control can only be used with a purple learn button on 315 MHz frequency. With a dimensions of 5″ x 2.4″ x 1.6″ and weight of 0.8 oz. it will take a moderate space in your car.

Instead of the garage door opener you can also use it for the gate opener. This will solve your problem if you have an open entrance garage but your estate is surrounded by a fence with an electric gate.

This remote will require a garage door opener to have a photo eye sensor system which will prevent any object or person to be injured by a closing garage door. All garage door openers manufactured after 1995, by law, should have such sensors installed in them. The models it is compatible with include Sears Craftsman, Chamberlain and Liftmaster. 

Liftmaster 375LM Universal Remote Control

What would it mean for you if you could replace your worn out garage door remote control for your even older garage door opener with a remote that is affordable, easy to program and can open your garage door all the way from your neighbors door step? 

With a well written instructions even a non-technically inclined person can program this remote control in 5 minutes easily.  If your garage door opener support purple learn button it is really a breeze.

This remote control is compatible with the majority of garage door openers on the market. The only manufacturers you would be out of luck here would be Marantec, Hormann and Napoleon Lynx.

This garage door remote control is almost identical to Chamberlain KLIK1U and it’s dimensions are 2″ x 1″ x 3″ with a weight of 1.4 oz.

Do you have 2 different garage door openers, one newer and one old which can only be programed with dip switches? This garage door remote got you covered. By following step by step instructions you will be able to program this remote to open and close garage doors with openers from different technological era.

Also note that this popular remote opener batteries will last you a while besides enabling you to easily program door openers where others remotes failed.

Liftmaster MyQ Universal Smartphone Garage Door Controller 821LM

How would you like to have a total control and status report of your garage door opener, lighting and in total 16 different devices? If someone in your household persistently leaves garage door open this is the remote control for you.

With raving reviews online, Liftmaster MyQ Universal Smartphone garage door controller is considered by many best universal garage door remote.

It’s huge compatibility list is topped by great keyless entry system which is both advanced and easy to use even if you are total beginner.

Liftmaster 821LM works with two garage door openers provided you have installed the door sensors on both of them.

Sensor that comes in the package will give you updates on the current condition of the garage door which can be closed, open or opening and closing.

When you take everything into consideration this is definitely one of the best garage door opener remotes currently available on the market.

Chamberlain KLIK3U

Choosing a universal remote controller for your garage door opener was a complicated task, but the Chamberlain KLIK3U changed all of that. This is the best model we have tested, due to obvious reasons. It is extremely easy to program, so you don’t have to waste time in adding an additional receiver, in messing with the wires or anything else. All is done with a few clicks of a button. Furthermore, it comes with 2 buttons allowing for users to use it for two separate garage doors. Of course, this is a simple system to use, so don’t expect any issues here.

There are a few more advantages of this unit. First of all, it is compatible with LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Genie and many more garage door openers. Of course, rolling code technology is available, so this small universal remote control is extremely safe to use. On our tests we didn’t notice any issue with the compatibility and the unit performed well with all, popular garage door openers used today.

Other facts we must include is that this unit comes with a battery, clip visor, and a user manual. Each unit is properly tested before delivery, so each user gets the quality he deserves. And yes, it is available in different colors (black, blue and white).


  • Compatible with all models of garage door openers
  • Uses rolling code technology
  • Can be used for opening two garage doors
  • Available in different colors
  • Easy to program


  • Slopes affect the range
  • Shorter range than usual

Skylink 318TR Universal In-Car Garage Door Remote Control

This is truly an interesting model. The first characteristic is the design, which looks original and completely different than any other universal remote controller out there. Then, it is also capable of opening and closing two garage doors at the same time. We liked the fact a transmitter can be used for additional lighting, fans or some other addition. The installation process is a bit more complicated than the first model on the list, but it is still a DIY task. Luckily the user manual is simple to understand and use, so there won’t be any issues here.

Push notifications are available as well. Each user will get them all the time, or when a device is used. Compatibility is superb. All major brands and all popular garage door openers are supported. Once again, installation and programming are a bit more complicated than usual, but there is no need to use additional tools or to hire a professional. But, the biggest advantage here is in the system which allows you to add more than 100 sensors and remotes easily and without any fuss.

Overall, the model we have here is an interesting choice and it should be considered. Probably users who are more demanding and who prefer high-end units will choose it, but in general, it is great for all of you.


  • Transmitter can be used for additional systems
  • Well-made
  • Supports up to 100 sensors
  • Perfect user manual


  • Installation is a bit complicated
  • Some elements look obsolete

Universal Garage Door Mini Remote Mc100-6 By Chamberlain

There is no an easy way to describe this universal remote controller. The main advantage is design. It looks futuristic, so it is great for those who want modern and new gadgets. Furthermore, it is small as well, so it can fit a pocket and can be carried anywhere you go. But, none of this affects the efficiency of the unit.

One of the main advantages includes a lithium-ion battery which is implemented by this remote controller. It is a long-lasting unit, so don’t expect to change it anytime soon. There is no severe maintenance either and there is an advantage affecting the duration in which your remote controller will be active and can be used. In addition, you can use it for opening and close two garage doors at the same time. It is impressive how the manufacturer was able to make all of this possible.

Lights which are compatible with MyQ technology are available as well. Yes, they are a bit smaller than usual, but they are still very useful and desirable. The remote controller uses LEDs, so they will use as low energy as possible, but they will provide bright light. Compatibility is superb. The unit can be paired with any Chamberlain model designed in 1993 and later. The same applies to other brands.


  • Modern design
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • MyQ support (LED)
  • Compatible with old and new garage door openers


  • Open button sticks out
  • User manual isn’t great

Genie 3-Button Remote with Intellicode Security Technology

It is so small that you can fit it on a keyring and it will look perfect. The design is also sophisticated and modern, while the functionality is great. Maybe it is small, but this unit can be used for controlling three garage door openers at the same time. This is an impressive advantage in the lack of a better word. Keep in mind that it is developed for Genie garage door openers, but all of those made 1997 and later can be used. Garage door openers made between 1995 and 1997 have slightly different compatibility, so only 2 of them can be used in this case.

We liked the fact it comes with intellicode technology. It means that the unit will use a new code each time a user uses the remote controller, so burglars and thieves cannot gain the code and open the door. In addition, this small unit also uses two frequencies, meaning that when one is busy or there is a lot of interference, another will be automatically chosen. This is essential for all users who live in areas where a lot of devices use frequencies to operate.

Compatibility with Homelink and Car 2 U systems should be mentioned as well. It is something that each user will probably want to use at some point. Last, we should add that synchronization and programming are extremely simple and each user can complete them within a matter of minutes.


  • Design
  • Can be used for up to 3 garage door openers
  • Compatible with Homelink and Car 2 U systems
  • Easy to program
  • Intellicode feature


  • Only for Genie garage door openers
  • Short range (10-15 feet)

Craftsman Garage Door Opener 30499 3-Function Compact Remote Control

If you are looking for a simple and convenient universal garage door remote opener, this one may be the best alternative. First and foremost, this model can be paired with 3 garage door openers, all made in the 1993 year or after. There are three buttons, so using multiple garage door openers won’t be an issue. Programming takes just a few minutes and it is extremely simple.

The design isn’t futuristic, but it is modern. Durability is impressive no less and safety is at the highest level. So yes, this model also features Intellicode technology, making it ideal for all of you who want the ultimate level of safety at all times. The price may seem a bit higher than usual, but keep in mind that this is a high-quality model, made by one of the best brands in the business.

In a nutshell, you will get a decent model, capable of meeting all your requirements and you can use it for up to three garage door openers.


  • Up to three garage door openers can be controlled
  • Well-made
  • Intellicode technology
  • Easy to program


  • Doesn’t look appealing
  • Expensive

Linear 3089 Multicode 3089 Compatible Visor Remote Opener

The last model on the list works with all Multi-Code 300 MHz devices. It looks modern and sophisticated, which is definitely an advantage. We also liked the overall quality, due to the fact the manufacturer used the best type of plastics. It provides 10 binary dip switches and comes with a 9V battery, so you won’t have to replace it anytime soon.

Then we have the practicality. It is at a high level. After all, this is a small, useful and desirable product which will put a smile on your face. Setting it up is simpler than ever and even a child can use it. There is no need to get any additional help. We also liked the high satisfaction rate among the owners and the popularity.

This isn’t a remote controller, but it is a device you will probably want to use at some point. After all, it is well-made, comes with all the features you are going to need and it is a durable unit. You are going to like it.


  • Small and useful
  • 9V battery
  • High-quality plastics
  • Easy to program


  • Short range
  • May be difficult to find


Here are the best universal garage door openers which made our day better. All of them were properly tested and each one has chosen accordingly. After all, now you can choose any model you want, without the fear of making a risk or believing that you are making a wrong choice. All models here are simply the best and highly recommended.